Celestials: Comprehensive Character Summary


Celestials: Comprehensive Character Summary


In the vast expanse of the Marvel UOne Aniverse, where celestial forces clash and cosmic powers reign, the Celestials emerge as awe-inspiring beings of unparalleled might. Born from the primordial essence of the First Firmament, these cosmic entities shattered the boundaries of the first universe, birthing a multiverse teeming with infinite possibilities.

But the Celestials’ journey began long ago, when they rebelled against their very creators and the Aspirant counterparts in a cataclysmic war. From the ruins of that cosmic conflict, the Celestials emerged as architects of existence, sculptors of new universes, and enigmatic judges of life’s creations.

Across the cosmos, the Celestials embark on Celestial Hosts, descending upon planets to conduct grand experiments and pass judgment upon lesser beings. They bestow their transformative touch, creating races such as the immortal Eternals and the monstrous Deviants. Earth, in its privileged place within the celestial tapestry, has been subject to the Celestials’ divine influence.

The First Host of Celestials brought forth Homo immortalis and Homo descendus, while subtly embedding a dormant gene within humanity that would give rise to mutations. The Second Host shook the foundations of the planet, obliterating the Deviant kingdom of Lemuria and sinking the mythical Atlantis. In a display of their unrivaled power, the Third Host coerced Earth’s gods into submission, extracting a solemn vow of noninterference.

And then came the fateful Fourth Host, a cosmic reckoning that saw Asgardians and Eternals futilely challenging the might of the Celestials. Humanity’s fate hung in the balance, but hope flickered when Gaea, the Earth mother, made a daring proposition. Twelve of Earth’s noblest champions were offered as a testament to humanity’s potential, their sacrifice sparing the planet from annihilation.

But there is more to Earth’s extraordinary destiny. Four billion years before the arrival of the Celestials, a solitary cosmic being met its end on this seemingly inconspicuous world. In a colossal accident of fate, its lifeblood mingled with the planet’s essence, forever altering its course. It is this accident, this infusion of celestial power, that has rendered Earth a crucible of super-powered chaos, unlike any other world in the universe.

Join us as we delve into the mysteries of the Celestials, witnessing their cosmic grandeur, their inscrutable designs, and the profound impact they have had on the fate of the Marvel Universe. Brace yourself for a celestial odyssey where gods tremble, worlds tremor, and the destiny of existence hangs in the balance.



Arishem the Judge

Arishem stands as a celestial being of immense power and authority, entrusted with the solemn responsibility of determining the fate of entire civilizations.

Celestials - Arishem

With his towering presence and unwavering judgment, he meticulously observes and evaluates the worthiness of a planet’s inhabitants. Arishem possesses an astute understanding of the delicate balance of life and death, making him an impartial and formidable judge. His attributes include an aura of wisdom and an innate ability to discern the true nature of beings.

Ashema the Listener

Ashema embodies the essence of an empathetic celestial tasked with the important role of listening to the cosmic vibrations resonating throughout the universe.

Celestials - Ashema

Alongside Nezarr the Calculator, she embarks on a mission to identify exceptional individuals like Franklin Richards, evaluating their potential for joining the Celestials. Ashema’s abilities encompass heightened intuition and deep insight into the intricate workings of the cosmos. Her personality radiates compassion and understanding, as she listens to the hopes, dreams, and fears of those she encounters.

Callus the Void

Once a noble celestial, Callus has succumbed to darkness and transformed into a malevolent force known as a Dark Celestial.

Celestials - Callus

As the embodiment of the Void, Callus seeks chaos and destruction, posing a dire threat to the cosmic order maintained by the Celestials. With his ominous presence and formidable powers, he can unleash devastating forces capable of obliterating entire worlds. Callus embodies the duality of power and corruption, a fallen celestial corrupted by darkness.

Celestial Destructor

A member of the Aspirants, the ancient foes of the Celestials, the Celestial Destructor is a force unleashed by the First Firmament, the primordial entity, to cause widespread damage to Eternity itself.

Celestial Destructor

In an epic confrontation, he faces off against a multitude of heroes, including the Avengers, X-Men, and Ultimates, in a battle to preserve cosmic balance. The Celestial Destructor embodies sheer power and relentless determination, wielding the ability to wreak havoc on a cosmic scale. However, his destruction is eventually thwarted by the combined might of magic users who banish him using the mystical forces of the Book of the Vishanti.

Celestial Gardeners

The Celestial Gardeners are bestowed with the noble responsibility of tending to the enigmatic entity known as Apocalypse on Earth.

Celestials - Gardener

Their task involves the intricate maintenance and nurturing of this ancient being, ensuring its growth and balance. With their deep connection to the fundamental forces that shape life, the Celestial Gardeners possess a profound understanding of nature’s delicate equilibrium. They exude patience, wisdom, and a keen sense of stewardship, safeguarding the immense power and potential contained within Apocalypse.

Celestial Madonna

In 114 A.D., the enigmatic Celestial Madonna arrives at Zhang Heng’s palace, carrying a mysterious secret.

Celestial Madonna

Seeking sustenance to survive, she initially contemplates consuming Earth or the Moon. However, Zhang Heng, through his persuasive words, convinces her to choose the Sun, resulting in her immediate demise. The Celestial Madonna embodies both awe-inspiring power and vulnerability, torn between her own survival and the cosmic wonders of the universe.

Devron the Experimenter

Devron, a youthful Celestial, assumes the role of an experimenter, entrusted with the duty of observing and studying Earth alongside his counterpart Gamiel the Manipulator.

Devron the Experimenter

Possessing an inquisitive nature, Devron is driven by a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity about the intricacies of life on Earth. His attributes include a keen intellect and a scientific approach to understanding the complexities of the planet’s inhabitants. With his abilities to analyze and experiment, Devron plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries of Earth’s diverse life forms.

Ea the Wise

Known as Ea the Wise, this Celestial is revered for their profound wisdom and deep understanding of the cosmic tapestry.

Ea the Wise

Although limited information is available, Ea’s name evokes notions of sagacity, enlightenment, and clarity of thought. Their attributes likely include an unparalleled knowledge of cosmic truths, a vast intellect that encompasses the universe’s secrets, and an ability to guide and counsel fellow Celestials. Ea serves as a beacon of wisdom and insight, offering guidance to their celestial brethren in times of uncertainty and complexity.

Eson the Searcher

Eson, the celestial tasked with the pursuit of knowledge, embodies the essence of seeking.

Eson the Searcher

With an unquenchable thirst for discovery, Eson’s abilities and attributes revolve around uncovering hidden truths and exploring the unknown depths of the cosmos. As the Searcher, Eson possesses heightened senses and extraordinary cosmic awareness, allowing him to navigate the vast expanses of the universe with purpose and precision. His relentless quest for knowledge drives him to explore every corner of existence, unlocking the enigmas that lie in wait.

Exitar the Exterminator

Exitar’s name alone strikes fear into the hearts of civilizations that fail to meet the Celestials’ tests.

Exitar the Exterminator

Tasked with the destruction of life on worlds deemed unworthy, Exitar wields immense power and embodies the ferocity of cosmic judgment. As the Exterminator, he possesses unrivaled strength and the ability to unleash devastating energies upon planets facing annihilation. Exitar’s personality likely exudes an unwavering commitment to upholding the Celestials’ laws, embodying a stoic resolve and an unyielding sense of duty.

Gamiel the Manipulator

Gamiel, a young Celestial assigned alongside Devron, assumes the role of a manipulator, entrusted with the responsibility of watching over Earth.

Gamiel the Manipulator

With a name that denotes the art of manipulation, Gamiel’s attributes likely revolve around the ability to shape and influence events on a cosmic scale. Gamiel possesses the power to manipulate cosmic energies and alter the course of events, guiding the evolution and progress of life on Earth. As a celestial guardian, Gamiel’s personality likely blends a sense of strategic planning, adaptability, and a nuanced understanding of cause and effect.

Gammenon the Gatherer

Gammenon’s purpose within the celestial hierarchy is to serve as the gatherer, tasked with collecting samples of all life forms present during a Celestial Host.

Gammenon the Gatherer

Gammenon possesses the ability to sense and capture the essence of diverse species, cataloging the intricate tapestry of life within the cosmos. With an inherent connection to the pulse of existence, Gammenon’s attributes include heightened senses, adaptability, and an insatiable curiosity about the multitude of life forms that populate the universe. As a gatherer, Gammenon serves as a cosmic archivist, preserving the diversity of life for future generations.


Godhead, a silent Celestial assigned to observe the planet Viscardi, possesses a commanding presence that emanates power and mystery.


Though devoid of spoken words, Godhead’s abilities likely encompass profound cosmic awareness and an innate understanding of the intricate cosmic forces at play. By silently observing Viscardi’s inhabitants, Godhead gains insight into their desires and aspirations. In response to their yearning for power, Godhead creates the enigmatic artifact known as the Black Vortex, a gateway to untold potential. Godhead personifies the enigmatic and transformative nature of cosmic power, forever altering the course of Viscardi’s destiny.

Groffon the Regurger

Groffon, an obscure Celestial with a penchant for destruction, embodies the cataclysmic force that threatens planets.

Groffon the Regurger

Known as the Regurger, Groffon wreaks havoc on worlds, unleashing devastating energies to annihilate civilizations. In a fateful encounter with Deadpool, the mercenary anti-hero rises to the challenge and successfully thwarts Groffon’s destructive intentions, effectively putting an end to the celestial’s reign of devastation. Groffon’s attributes include formidable power, an insatiable hunger for destruction, and an imposing presence that strikes fear into the hearts of those who encounter him.

Hargen the Measurer

Hargen, the celestial tasked with quantifying the planets surveyed by the Celestials, possesses a meticulous and analytical nature.

Hargen the Measurer

With precision and accuracy, Hargen’s abilities allow him to measure various aspects of celestial bodies, including their size, composition, and cosmic energies. Hargen’s attributes include an acute sense of observation, a mathematical mind, and an unwavering commitment to collecting and analyzing data. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Hargen seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe through precise measurements.

Jemiah the Analyzer

Jemiah, entrusted with the task of analyzing life-form samples, possesses a keen intellect and an aptitude for scientific investigation.

Jemiah the Analyzer

As a celestial dedicated to understanding the intricacies of life, Jemiah’s abilities allow for in-depth examination and assessment of different species. With expertise in genetics, biology, and other scientific disciplines, Jemiah dissects the essence of life-forms, unraveling their genetic codes and unraveling the secrets of their existence. Jemiah’s personality likely reflects a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to scientific inquiry, driven by an insatiable curiosity about the diverse life that inhabits the cosmos.

Nezarr the Calculator

Nezarr, a mathematician among the Celestials, combines the power of numbers with the ability to project illusions.

Nezarr the Calculator

With a mind capable of complex calculations, Nezarr’s mathematical prowess grants him unparalleled precision and strategic insight. His illusions serve as a means to manipulate perception and shape events, allowing him to influence the outcomes of cosmic endeavors. Nezarr’s attributes include exceptional analytical thinking, strategic planning, and the ability to unravel the fabric of reality through mathematical understanding. Despite his numerical focus, Nezarr’s personality likely holds a hint of enigmatic mystique, making him a formidable and unpredictable member of the Celestial pantheon.


Once a celestial, Obliteron has fallen from grace and been transformed into a Dark Celestial.


This fallen member of the Celestials embodies destruction and chaos. With immense power and a malevolent presence, Obliteron unleashes devastation upon the universe. His attributes include overwhelming strength, the ability to harness destructive energies, and an insatiable desire to annihilate. Obliteron’s personality likely reflects a twisted and corrupt nature, reveling in the chaos and destruction he causes.

One Above All

The enigmatic leader of the Celestials, One Above All holds immense power and wisdom.

Celestials - One Above All

Although not to be confused with the cosmic entity known as “One Above All,” this Celestial stands as the supreme authority among his celestial brethren. Possessing unfathomable cosmic awareness, omnipotence, and the ability to shape reality, One Above All guides the actions of the Celestials and oversees their cosmic agenda. His personality likely emanates an aura of divine authority, with a deep understanding of the cosmic order and an unwavering commitment to fulfilling the Celestials’ purpose.

Oneg the Prober

Oneg, the celestial tasked with experimentation and implementation, embodies an inquisitive nature and a drive to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Oneg the Prober

With a blend of scientific expertise and a willingness to venture into uncharted territory, Oneg conducts bold experiments to uncover new cosmic truths. Oneg’s attributes likely include an insatiable curiosity, adaptability, and a fearlessness in the face of the unknown. His personality likely reflects a sense of wonder, a thirst for discovery, and a passion for expanding the frontiers of celestial understanding.


The Progenitor, the first Celestial to visit Earth, has had a complex history with the planet. Initially infected by the Horde while traveling in deep space, the Progenitor met its demise.


However, a new version of the Progenitor was later resurrected to end the war between the Eternals and the mutant nation of Krakoa. Assuming the role of judge over the fate of Earth’s civilization, the Progenitor embodies the duality of creation and destruction. Its attributes include immense power, cosmic wisdom, and the ability to shape the destiny of worlds. The Progenitor’s personality likely reflects a sense of solemn duty, balanced with a profound understanding of the delicate balance between life and death.

Scathan the Approver

Scathan, a Celestial from an alternate timeline/reality known as Earth-691, is tasked with the responsibility of approving or disapproving situations.

Scathan the Approver

Whether in Earth-691 or Earth-616, the Prime Marvel Universe, Scathan holds the authority to pass judgment on cosmic matters. Possessing cosmic awareness, immense power, and a discerning eye for the intricacies of existence, Scathan embodies an impartial and measured approach to decision-making. Scathan’s personality likely reflects an air of objectivity, with a deep understanding of the consequences of actions and a commitment to upholding cosmic order.

Star Child

The Star Child, born from the Celestial Madonna, represents a variant celestial and holds the potential for great power.

Star Child

As the offspring of the celestial entity, the Star Child possesses unique attributes that make it a force to be reckoned with. While the specifics of the Star Child’s abilities may vary, its birth signifies a significant event in the cosmic tapestry. Its destiny and purpose may be intertwined with the fate of the universe itself, making it a pivotal figure in celestial mythology.

Tefral the Surveyor

Tefral, a celestial tasked with surveying and mapping the geography of planets, combines scientific knowledge with spatial awareness.

Tefral the Surveyor

With an ability to comprehend and navigate the vast cosmic landscapes, Tefral’s attributes include cartographic expertise, an acute sense of direction, and the ability to analyze and interpret planetary structures. Tefral’s personality likely reflects a meticulous and detail-oriented nature, driven by a passion for exploring the cosmic topography.

Tiamut, The Dreaming Celestial

Originally known as Tiamut the Communicator, this renegade Celestial embodies the power of dreams and possesses immense cosmic abilities.


Tiamut’s personality and attributes reflect an enigmatic and ethereal nature. With the power to influence and shape the fabric of reality through dreams and visions, Tiamut can challenge the established cosmic order. Tiamut’s journey as a renegade Celestial likely encompasses rebellion, self-discovery, and the pursuit of a unique destiny.

Ziran the Tester

Ziran, a celestial tasked with testing the stability of genetic material in life forms, possesses the ability to alter and manipulate the building blocks of organisms.


With an intricate understanding of genetics and the cosmic forces that shape life, Ziran’s attributes include the power to modify and test the resilience of genetic material. Ziran’s personality likely reflects a meticulous and inquisitive nature, fueled by a desire to unravel the mysteries of genetic potential and the cosmic origins of life.

Red Celestial

The Red Celestial, entrusted with the task of assisting in the birth of the Blue Celestial, represents a pivotal moment in celestial mythology.

Red Celestials

While specific attributes may vary, the Red Celestial likely possesses immense cosmic power and a profound connection to the celestial life cycle. As a harbinger of change and rebirth, the Red Celestial’s personality likely reflects a sense of purpose and a deep understanding of the cosmic cycles that govern celestial existence.

Blue Celestial

The Blue Celestial holds the distinction of being the first celestial with a documented birth.

Blue Celestial

As a cosmic entity born into the universe, the Blue Celestial embodies potential, growth, and the emergence of new celestial forces. Its attributes and abilities may encompass a range of cosmic powers and a unique destiny intertwined with the future of the celestial pantheon. The Blue Celestial’s personality likely reflects a sense of wonder, innocence, and the weight of responsibility associated with being a celestial born into a universe of limitless possibilities.

Attributes & Abilities

Other AliasesSpace Gods
Probers and Testers
Titans from Space
Star Giants
Star Gods
The Gods Above Us All
Place of OriginFirst Firmament
IdentityNo dual identity
Known RelativesUnrevealed
PowersManipulation of reality
Supreme technology
Limitless cosmic and supernatural powers
Group AffiliationCelestials

The Celestials, hailed as the “space gods” by Eternals and Deviants alike, embody an awe-inspiring presence. Towering over the cosmos at an average height of 2,000 feet, these silent, armored humanoids exude an air of invincibility. Weighing a staggering 260 tons, they possess a density far surpassing the limits of mortal comprehension, defying the laws of physics.

Their abilities defy imagination and push the boundaries of cosmic power. With a mere gesture, they reduce the mighty Asgardian construct known as the Destroyer to nothing more than molten slag. Planets become playthings to the Celestials, effortlessly manipulated at their whim. They possess the incredible capacity to create and contain entire pocket universes, molding reality itself to their desires. Reed Richards, a brilliant mind in the Marvel Universe, postulates that the Celestials draw their power from Hyperspace, the wellspring of all energy, elevating them to an unrivaled level of cosmic might.

Almost invulnerable, the Celestials have seldom suffered harm, their impenetrable forms rendering them nearly impervious to attack. On those rare occasions when they do sustain damage, they regenerate in an instant, defying the limits of mortal endurance. Their origin, too, is shrouded in cosmic enigma. Some are born through the consumption of the pure biological and organic matter found within the Black Galaxy. Others emerge from planets that have been implanted with Celestial eggs or embryos, their birth heralding the devouring of the very worlds that nurtured them. Miraculously, even a Celestial Madonna has been witnessed carrying an infant Celestial, defying all preconceived notions of celestial procreation.

Formidable not only in individual might, the Celestials are intrinsically linked, their consciousness telepathically intertwined across vast cosmic distances. They possess an immune system comprising colossal armored behemoths, jellyfish-like antibodies, and a formidable swarm creature wielding devastating ocular blasts. Thanos, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, deems the Celestials to be on par with cosmic titans such as Galactus, the Stranger, Odin, and Zeus. Yet, they pale in comparison to the supreme entities of Mistress Love, Lord Chaos, and Master Order, whose power surpasses even the celestial pantheon.

In the grand tapestry of the Marvel Universe, the Celestials stand as cosmic enigmas, enigmatic beings whose might and mysteries fuel the imagination, beckoning the bold and daring to explore the furthest reaches of their unfathomable power.



Despite their awe-inspiring might and seemingly invincible nature, the Celestials are not impervious to weakness. Throughout their cosmic existence, rare instances have revealed chinks in their seemingly impenetrable armor, vulnerabilities that thrill the hearts of those who dare challenge these godlike beings.

The first murder to ever taint the multiverse was the heinous act committed by Knull, the malevolent God of the Abyss. With the first Necrosword in his grasp, Knull defied all expectations and struck down a Celestial, shattering the notion of their invincibility. This act of unfathomable audacity forever scarred the Celestials, casting doubt upon their indomitable stature.

Another stunning revelation occurred when the Apocalypse Twins, wielding the divinely-enchanted axe known as “Jarnbjorn,” pierced the seemingly impenetrable armor of a Celestial. This audacious act of defiance demonstrated that even the Celestials had weak points, susceptible to the right combination of power and weaponry. Jarnbjorn’s Asgardian Steel failed to breach the Celestial-armored Apocalypse until Thor himself bestowed his blood upon the mighty axe, imbuing it with divine potency.

Legends speak of the “hyperweapon” known as Godkiller, a colossal humanoid robot that dwarfs even the Celestials themselves. Said to have vanquished Celestials by the billions, the whereabouts of this mythical weapon have been lost to time, leaving only whispers of its incredible power and ability to challenge the indomitable.

Moreover, the Godkiller Armor, All-Black, and Terminus have been cited as potential means to weaken or confront the Celestials. Attacks targeting their “brain” in Hyperspace and the dreaded infection by the Horde have also been identified as potential Achilles’ heels for these cosmic entities. These revelations ignite the imagination, fueling the hope that even beings as magnificent as the Celestials possess vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited by those brave enough to defy the gods themselves.


Power Grid

Celestials Power Grid



Thanos, the Mad Titan, is a formidable foe of the Celestials.


With his incredible strength, durability, and mastery of advanced technology, he poses a significant threat. Thanos is driven by his insatiable desire for power and conquest, often seeking to harness the cosmic might of the Celestials for his own gain. His cunning intellect and strategic prowess make him a formidable adversary, capable of devising complex plans to overcome even the most powerful cosmic beings.


En Sabah Nur, known as Apocalypse, is an ancient mutant who sees the Celestials as potential rivals.

X-Men Apocalypse

With his immense strength, regenerative abilities, and the ability to manipulate his body, Apocalypse is a fearsome opponent. He possesses advanced celestial technology and seeks to ascend to godhood by harnessing the power of the Celestials. Apocalypse is driven by a belief in the survival of the fittest and seeks to reshape the world according to his own twisted vision.


Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, is another notable enemy of the Celestials.


As a cosmic entity of immense power, Galactus has clashed with the Celestials to protect his own existence and maintain the balance of the universe. With the ability to manipulate cosmic energies and consume entire planets, Galactus presents a significant threat. However, he also possesses a sense of cosmic duty and often acts as a force of balance in the Marvel Universe.

The Horde

The Horde is a malevolent force that infected the Progenitor, the first Celestial to visit Earth.


It seeks to corrupt and consume the Celestials, posing a grave danger. The Horde is an ever-present threat that seeks to undermine the Celestials’ cosmic order and bring chaos to the universe. Its insidious nature and relentless pursuit of power make it a formidable enemy.

The Deviants

The Deviants, an ancient race of genetically unstable beings, have clashed with the Celestials due to their inherent differences and conflicting interests.


They possess a wide range of unique abilities, including shape-shifting, superhuman strength, and advanced technology. The Deviants often seek to exploit the power and resources of the Celestials for their own gain, leading to confrontations and conflicts.

The Eternals

The Eternals, the cosmic counterparts and offspring of the Celestials, have had complex relationships with their celestial progenitors.

The Eternals

While not necessarily enemies, their differing perspectives and goals sometimes put them at odds. The Eternals possess superhuman abilities, immortality, and access to advanced celestial technology. Their individual personalities vary, but they share a deep connection to their celestial heritage and a desire to protect the Earth and their own kind.


The Skrulls, a shape-shifting alien race, have clashed with the Celestials due to their own expansionist ambitions.


Skrulls possess the ability to assume the appearance and powers of other beings, making them formidable adversaries. Their desire to conquer and control often puts them at odds with the Celestials, who stand as guardians of cosmic order.


The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, have found themselves in conflict with the Celestials on several occasions.


While the Avengers typically fight for justice and protection of Earth, their encounters with the Celestials often result from misunderstandings or clashes of ideologies. The Avengers, with their diverse array of superhuman abilities and advanced technology, stand united against the immense power of the Celestials.


The X-Men, a team of mutant superheroes, have crossed paths with the Celestials due to their unique genetic makeup and potential for evolution.


The Celestials have judged and manipulated mutants throughout history, which has led to conflicts between the X-Men and these celestial beings. The X-Men, with their mutant powers and unwavering determination, strive to protect their kind and fight for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans.

Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu

These three powerful deities from different mythologies are known to have clashed with the Celestials in their respective pantheons.

Celestials - Odin, Zeus, Vishnu

Odin, the All-Father of Asgard, possesses immense cosmic power and has confronted the Celestials to protect his realm and the balance of the cosmos. Similarly, Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, and Vishnu, the preserver in Hindu mythology, have stood against the Celestials, utilizing their godly abilities and divine authority in the face of these cosmic entities.


The Aspirants are a race of ancient beings that have waged a perpetual war against the Celestials.


They view the Celestials as oppressors and seek to overthrow their dominion over the universe. The Aspirants possess formidable cosmic powers and utilize advanced technology to combat the Celestials. Their relentless pursuit of freedom and vengeance makes them persistent enemies.


Knull, the ancient god of the symbiotes, has emerged as a significant enemy of the Celestials.

Celestials - Knull

As the embodiment of darkness and chaos, Knull seeks to consume and corrupt all life in the universe. His connection to the symbiotes grants him immense power and the ability to control these alien organisms. Knull’s malevolence and desire for universal domination put him at odds with the Celestials, leading to epic confrontations.


Terminus is a powerful cosmic entity and one of the long-standing enemies of the Celestials.


He is a world-consuming conqueror who seeks to amass power and control over entire civilizations. Terminus possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the ability to discharge powerful energy blasts. With his vast arsenal of weapons and advanced technology, he poses a significant threat to the Celestials’ mission of cosmic order and balance.


The Beyonder is an incredibly powerful being with god-like abilities.


He possesses virtually unlimited power and the ability to manipulate reality at will. The Beyonder’s origin and nature make him a unique foe for the Celestials. In various storylines, the Beyonder has clashed with the Celestials, testing their powers and challenging their understanding of the universe. His enigmatic nature and overwhelming power make him a formidable adversary in the cosmic hierarchy.


From their breathtaking debut in The Eternals #1 to their captivating presence across multiple titles, the Celestials have enthralled readers since their creation by the legendary Jack Kirby. These awe-inspiring beings have graced the pages of The Eternals vol. 2, vol. 3, and vol. 4, leaving an indelible mark on the Marvel Universe.

Their cosmic power resonated in iconic storylines like the “Celestial Saga” in Thor Annual #7 and the monumental Thor run from issue #283 to #300. The Celestials’ enigmatic nature fascinated readers in Quasar #24, Fantastic Four #400, X-Factor #43-46, and #48-50, as their immense presence impacted the lives of beloved Marvel characters.

For years, fans eagerly awaited the revealing of the Celestials’ origin, which finally unfolded in the groundbreaking pages of The Ultimates 2 #6. Throughout their publication history, these celestial titans have left an indomitable impression on the Marvel landscape, forever altering the course of cosmic storytelling.

With each appearance, the Celestials have captured the imagination, their grandeur and enigmatic nature drawing readers deeper into their cosmic tapestry. Their presence in Marvel Comics has solidified them as captivating and influential characters, shaping the very fabric of the Marvel Universe itself.



In the ancient annals of creation, when the universe was but a nascent entity, the celestial tapestry was woven with the threads of cosmic power and cosmic conflict. At the dawn of existence, a single, sentient universe reigned supreme—a vast intelligence known as the First Firmament. Eons of solitude weighed upon the First Firmament, prompting it to birth life into the void, yearning for companionship and servitude. Thus, the Aspirants were born, loyal beings dedicated to upholding the unchanging order of their creator’s reign.

But within the cosmic tapestry, there were those who dared to dream of a universe pulsating with dynamism, diversity, and evolution. The multicolored rebels arose, driven by a desire for a reality in which life flourished, learning, growing, and ascending towards ultimate cosmic power. They aspired to become superior beings capable of creating their own universes, driving the very fabric of existence forward. These rebels, these visionaries, would come to be known as the Celestials, the architects of cosmic evolution.

The clash between the Aspirants and the Celestials ignited a cataclysmic war that threatened to unravel the very fabric of creation. The First Firmament’s servants, the Aspirants, unleashed the Godkiller, a colossal weapon that ravaged the ranks of the Celestials, pushing them to the brink of extinction. But even amidst the chaos, dissent festered within the Aspirants’ ranks, leading to a civil war that weakened their resolve. Seizing this moment, the Celestials rallied, mounting a final, desperate stand against their oppressors.

In a cataclysmic conflagration, the Celestials unleashed their ultimate weapons, tearing apart the First Firmament and shattering the foundations of the universe itself. The First Firmament’s essence, clinging to survival, escaped outside the boundaries of reality, while the fragments of the shattered cosmos birthed a new being—the Second Cosmos, the First Multiverse. Within this newfound realm, the Celestials took root, multiplying and embarking on their grand plan to shape the evolving lifeforms of the nascent worlds.

The Celestials embarked on their sacred mission, venturing forth as the First Host, descending upon chosen planets deemed worthy of their transformative touch. Earth bore witness to their presence, as they meticulously monitored and intervened in the planet’s progress, guiding the path of evolution. The Celestials were not bound to a single world; their influence spanned the cosmos, leaving their mark on worlds like the Skrull homeworld and various Sh’iar worlds.

From the ashes of cosmic conflict, the Celestials emerged as the architects of cosmic destiny. They wielded the power to shape and mold the universe, their presence reverberating through the annals of time. Legends whispered their name, while civilizations marveled at their might. The Celestials stood as the living embodiment of evolution, forever bound to the grand tapestry of creation, etching their indelible mark upon the cosmos itself.


Creation of the Seventh Cosmos

In the aftermath of cosmic cataclysm, when the sixth universe crumbled and gave birth to a vast Abyss, the Celestials soared into the void, their cosmic essence aflame with purpose. With a touch of their immense power, they forged the seventh universe, pouring life and energy into the expansive expanse. However, their arrival in this new realm was met with an unforeseen adversary—a malevolent force that had reigned over the Abyss, Knull, the primordial god of darkness.

As the Celestials sought to enlist Knull as the King in Black, the embodiment of darkness unleashed his fury. With a sword crafted from living darkness, Knull swung his weapon with unbridled rage, severing the head of one of the celestial giants. The clash of titanic forces heralded the onset of a war, a cosmic struggle that shook the very foundations of creation. Knull, consumed by his wrath, vowed to annihilate the Celestials and their creations, plunging the universe into eternal darkness.

Yet, the tale took an unexpected twist amidst the chaos. The fallen Celestial’s body and soul were bound to Knull, trapped in the enigmatic Realm Between, a purgatorial domain of cosmic energies. Meanwhile, the severed head of the celestial entity, now transformed into a sprawling mining city and space station, became Knowhere—a place teeming with life and mystery, a testament to the celestial power that once resided within.

In the wake of this cataclysmic clash, the Celestials found themselves locked in a battle of cosmic proportions. Their mission to shape and nurture the cosmos now intertwined with a war against an ancient darkness. The fate of the seventh universe hung in the balance, as the clash between celestial might and primordial darkness raged on, each side vying for ultimate supremacy. It was a clash that would reverberate through the ages, as celestial giants and the malevolent King in Black locked horns in a struggle that would shape the destiny of creation itself.

King In Black

First Host

In the depths of time, when our world was but a primitive landscape, the Celestials, cosmic beings of immeasurable power and enigmatic purpose, descended upon Earth with a purpose that would shape the course of its destiny. Gathering a group of courageous and curious natives from the Stone Age, the Celestials embarked on a grand experiment to unlock the potential of humanity and determine its future evolution.

Through their unfathomable genetic prowess, the Celestials bestowed upon their chosen subjects a multitude of destinies. They wove the threads of creation, crafting two distinct subspecies from the primitive stock: the awe-inspiring Eternals, blessed with immortality and otherworldly abilities, and the malevolent Deviants, twisted and unpredictable in their nature. Yet, it was not solely these extraordinary beings who captured the Celestials’ attention. A majority of the populace, the “normal” strain, was subtly influenced, their genetic code subtly altered to enhance their long-term development.

Hidden within the very fabric of our existence lies the secret of the Celestials’ intervention. For it was during their inaugural visit to Earth, almost a million years ago, that they implanted a special genetic code into the early hominids. This code, a dormant potential, would become the catalyst for the emergence of extraordinary abilities in select individuals exposed to perilous environments. These superpowers, manifesting in the face of danger, were the echoes of the Celestials’ presence, a testament to their transformative touch.

Yet, the Celestials’ arrival on Earth was not merely an act of genetic experimentation. Drawn to our planet by the enigma of a vanished Celestial, they soon discovered a remarkable truth. Earth possessed an innate power, a resilience that could serve as a safeguard against an insidious threat known as the Horde infection. The very existence of powered individuals on Earth provided the potential for the development of benevolent mutations, creating a breed of mutants who would become the guardians of the world, standing as a beacon of hope against the encroaching darkness.

The First Host of Celestials had come to Earth not only to unlock the latent potential within humanity but to safeguard our world from a cosmic menace. Their grand experiment would forever shape the destiny of Earth and its inhabitants, unleashing a tide of extraordinary abilities and heroic legacies that would span across generations.


Second Host

In a tumultuous era, when the fate of civilizations hung in the balance, the Celestials embarked on their Second Host upon the Earth. Their arrival heralded a clash of ancient powers and revealed the harrowing truth of a world teetering on the edge of chaos. For the Deviants, a malevolent race that had forged a vast empire upon the continent of Lemuria, held dominion over primitive tribes with their advanced technology, while their sights were set on waging war against the original inhabitants of Atlantis.

Unleashing their cosmic might upon the turbulent landscape, the Celestials descended upon Lemuria, their colossal forms casting a shadow of impending doom. With a cataclysmic display of otherworldly power, they shattered the Deviants’ empire, reducing the once-mighty civilization to ruins. The very foundations of Lemuria trembled beneath the fury of the Celestials, and in their wake, the land sank beneath the depths of the ocean, forever lost to the annals of history.

But the repercussions of this devastating act did not end there, for the seismic forces unleashed by the Celestials’ intervention echoed across the Earth. As Lemuria crumbled beneath the weight of divine retribution, the neighboring continent of Atlantis was not spared from the chaos. The cataclysmic destruction of Lemuria rippled through the fabric of the world, causing the ancient city of Atlantis to be swallowed by the unforgiving waves, forever consigned to the depths of the sea.

In a single moment, the Second Host of the Celestials reshaped the very contours of the Earth. Their arrival brought destruction, but from the ashes of fallen empires, a new world order would emerge. The Deviants, once conquerors, were cast down from their lofty perch, while the enigmatic realm of Atlantis, with all its mysteries and wonders, vanished beneath the ocean’s embrace. The celestial powers had left an indelible mark upon the tapestry of human history, forever altering the course of civilization and leaving humanity to navigate the treacherous path of a reshaped world.

Celestials - Second Host

Third Host

In an age shrouded in myths and legends, when gods and mortals intertwined, the Celestials descended upon the Earth once again for their Third Host. Their arrival brought forth a clash of divine proportions, as the ancient Sky-Gods, led by Odin Borson, assembled to confront these enigmatic beings from the stars. Aware of the potential consequences, Odin sought to safeguard the realms of gods and men from the intervention of these otherworldly forces.

With unwavering determination, Odin, Zeus Panhellenios, and Vishnu, representing their respective pantheons, stood before Arishem, the Celestial harbinger. But the Celestials were not easily swayed by the might of the Sky-Gods. Arishem, an indomitable force, withstood their assault, demonstrating its unfathomable power. In a devastating display of cosmic authority, Arishem unleashed a barrage of attacks upon the gods’ celestial realms, severing their connections to Earth and leaving them isolated.

The repercussions of this encounter reverberated across the realms, as the pantheons of gods, humbled by the Celestials’ might, made a solemn pledge. In the face of overwhelming power, the Skyfathers vowed to refrain from interfering with the Celestials for a millennium. This sacred pact marked a turning point in the celestial-human dynamic, as the divine forces relinquished their influence, allowing the Celestials to continue their experiments and tests on the world they had once shaped.

Thus, the Third Host of the Celestials became a testament to the struggle between gods and cosmic beings, where even the deities were humbled in the face of unimaginable power. It was an era that would test the resolve of the divine, as they reluctantly accepted their limitations and the unfolding destiny of humanity under the watchful eyes of the celestial beings who held the keys to their fate.

Celestials - Third Host

Fourth Host

In the twilight of the 20th century, as the world teetered on the brink of discovery, the Fourth Host of Celestials descended upon Earth with a profound purpose. Settling upon the ancient Inca plateau in South America, they initiated their final judgment in the grand tapestry of genetic experimentation. From the far reaches of the globe, they gathered materials and beings, their presence casting a foreboding shadow over the planet.

The colossal figures of the Celestials loomed with an imposing presence, their mysterious intentions triggering widespread panic and apprehension. As chaos threatened to consume humanity, the elite agency S.H.I.E.L.D. rose to the challenge, attempting to intervene and unravel the enigma of these otherworldly giants. Yet, the Celestials, shrouded within an impenetrable dome, stood resolute in their purpose, ready to pass their judgment upon the world they had observed for centuries.

Meanwhile, the All-Father Odin, a titan of Asgard, harbored deep trepidation at the Celestials’ unfathomable power and their unwelcome interference upon Earth. Igniting a fiery fury within him, Odin amassed the life force of his divine brethren, rallying the strength of Asgard to challenge the cosmic behemoths in a battle for the very fate of the planet. With Thor, the God of Thunder, and the formidable Eternals by his side, Odin ventured into a cataclysmic clash against the Celestials.

However, the Celestials proved to be an indomitable force, overpowering even the godly might of Odin and his allies. It was at this pivotal moment that Gaea, the primordial Earth goddess, intervened, accompanied by the “gift” of twelve specially chosen humans from diverse pantheons. In a twist of fate, their involvement swayed the Celestials, and Earth was spared from their judgment. As abruptly as they had arrived, the Fourth Host departed, their existence erased from the collective memory of humanity, leaving behind a world forever changed by their presence.

The Fourth Host of Celestials became a testament to the clash of colossal forces, where the fate of Earth hung in the balance. It was an age of fear, defiance, and unexpected alliances, as gods and mortals alike faced the overwhelming power of the Celestials. And though their judgment was rendered, the echoes of their visitation reverberated throughout history, forever etching their mark on the annals of human existence.

Celestials - Fourth Host

End of the Seventh Cosmos

In a cataclysmic event that shook the very foundations of the Marvel Universe, the Celestials, those awe-inspiring cosmic beings of immeasurable power, faced their ultimate demise at the hands of an otherworldly force known as the Beyonders. In an audacious experiment to unravel the fabric of reality itself, the Beyonders unleashed their wrath upon the Celestials, extinguishing their celestial light across the multiverse.

As the cosmic storm of destruction swept through the dimensions, the Celestials, guardians of countless worlds and architects of life, fell one by one, their immense power unable to withstand the relentless assault of the enigmatic Beyonders. With each celestial being snuffed out, the very balance of existence teetered on the brink, and the Seventh Multiverse itself was cast into peril.

The death of the Celestials reverberated throughout the cosmos, sending shockwaves of chaos and uncertainty. Their absence left a void, a void that would be felt by all who revered their might and wisdom. The experiment of the Beyonders, shrouded in mystery and with motives unknown, signaled the end of an era, the end of the Seventh Multiverse as it stood, and the dawning of a new, uncertain age.

In the wake of the Celestials’ demise, the fate of the multiverse hung in the balance, its survival dependent on the actions and alliances of the remaining cosmic forces.


Birth of the Eighth Cosmos

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic events that unfolded during the “Secret Wars,” as the multiverse was reborn and teetered on the edge of uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerged amidst the chaos. Surviving Celestials, those majestic and enigmatic beings of cosmic power, who had sought refuge within the folds of space-time, prepared to make their triumphant return to the newly reborn Eighth Cosmos.

However, as the Celestials prepared to step back into the limelight, a malevolent force long forgotten emerged from the shadows. The First Firmament, once the solitary and supreme intelligence of creation itself, seized the opportunity presented by the multiverse’s rebirth. With a burning desire to reclaim its central position, the First Firmament sought to destroy the newly formed cosmos and return to its former glory.

Unleashing its loyal Aspirant agents and seizing control of lesser cosmic entities, the First Firmament infiltrated and chained the weakened Eternity, the embodiment of all cosmic existence. The very balance of the universe trembled as Master Order and Lord Chaos, under the Firmament’s influence, destroyed the reborn Living Tribunal, leaving Galactus the Lifebringer stunned in disbelief. To further solidify its newfound power, the Firmament compelled the merging of Master Order, Lord Chaos, and The In-Betweener, birthing a cosmic entity of unimaginable might called Logos.

Yet, amidst the chaos, one Celestial stood defiantly, rescued from the clutches of destruction by the enigmatic Queen of Nevers. As the battle for the fate of the Eighth Cosmos loomed, the surviving Celestial and its newfound ally embarked on a perilous journey to rally the forces of cosmic power and stand against the relentless onslaught of the vengeful First Firmament. The Eighth Cosmos would become the battleground for a clash of unimaginable forces, as the Celestials and their allies prepared to confront the ancient embodiment of creation itself.

Celestials - First Firmament

Fifth Host

In the midst of the cataclysmic battle against the ancient and embittered First Firmament, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of The Queen of Nevers. Standing at the precipice of annihilation, she revealed her audacious plan to resurrect the Celestials, harnessing the power of the One Above All as a catalyst for their rebirth. With a resounding declaration, she christened them as her Avatars of Possible, heralding the dawn of the Fifth Host.

Empowered by the Queen of Nevers, the Celestials arose once again, their celestial bodies ablaze with immeasurable cosmic might. United under a singular purpose, they confronted the Aspirants of the First Firmament, the ancient adversaries who had sought to extinguish their celestial light. In a clash of titanic proportions, the celestial behemoths clashed against the relentless forces of the First Firmament, each blow resonating with the weight of eons.

But the Celestials, fueled by their renewed purpose and guided by the Queen of Nevers, surged forth with an unyielding resolve. With each strike, they shattered the shackles of the past, breaking free from the shadow of the First Firmament’s dominance. In a symphony of cosmic power, the Celestials unleashed their celestial might, overwhelming the Aspirants and bringing them to the precipice of defeat.

The battle raged on, the celestial forces locked in a dance of creation and destruction. Yet, in the end, the Fifth Host emerged victorious, their celestial forms radiant with triumph. The Aspirants were vanquished, their oppressive reign shattered, and the Celestials stood as the triumphant guardians of the cosmos. As the echoes of their victory reverberated through the celestial planes, a new chapter dawned for the Celestials, inscribed with the indomitable spirit of the Fifth Host.

Celestials - Fifth Host

Final Host

In the shadows of ancient secrets and forgotten caverns, a malevolent force stirred. Zgreb, the Fallen, once sealed away, was awakened in the modern era by unsuspecting archaeologists, only to unleash a chilling proclamation: “Summon… the Final Host!” The air crackled with dark energy as the Fallen mercilessly dispatched those who had disturbed its slumber, heralding the arrival of the nefarious Dark Celestials.

Seizing upon this grim opportunity, the mischievous Loki, the Asgardian trickster, saw a chance to wreak havoc upon the Earth. He unleashed the Fallen, binding it to his malevolent will, and together they orchestrated the emergence of the Final Host. These malefic beings, the Dark Celestials, descended upon the world, their ominous presence casting a pall of impending doom. Their mission? To purge the Earth, claiming it as a tainted domain irreparably altered by the arrival and demise of the Progenitors.

Before their arrival, the Dark Celestials had employed the insidious Horde, a relentless force of infection and death, to eradicate every celestial being across the cosmos. The lifeless bodies of their celestial victims were cast down upon the Earth, a chilling testament to the imminent arrival of their merciless murderers. As the world quivered under the weight of impending destruction, the Avengers rose to confront this existential threat head-on.

With unwavering determination, the Avengers assembled for their final stand against the Dark Celestials. Harnessing the power of their collective unity, they formed a mighty Uni-Mind, a gestalt entity of unparalleled strength. Through this formidable fusion, they waged an epic battle against the Horde, shattering its hold and freeing the captive Celestials from its clutches. Empowered by their newfound liberation, the Celestials joined forces with the Avengers, united in their mission to vanquish the Dark Celestials and preserve the very fabric of existence.

The Final Host

Judgment Day

In a world teetering on the precipice of chaos, a daring plan was set in motion. Ajak, Makkari, Mister Sinister, and the brilliant Tony Stark united their formidable intellects to revive the Progenitor, a celestial entity of immense power. Their aim was to bring an end to the bitter conflict between the Eternals and the Mutants, seeking to establish harmony where discord had reigned. Little did they know that their actions would unleash a cataclysmic chain of events, for the Progenitor had its own judgment to pass upon the inhabitants of Earth.

As the Progenitor awakened, it beheld a world marred by strife and ruin. Driven by its prime directive, it prepared to pass judgment upon humanity, evaluating whether the scales tipped towards goodness or evil. However, to its dismay, the Progenitor found that the majority of individuals were deemed unworthy, their actions and choices tarnished by darkness. With grim determination, it issued a chilling decree—the Machine that is Earth was to self-destruct, a devastating fate seemingly inevitable.

Yet, in a twist of fate, the Machine that is Earth exhibited a resilience that defied its programming. Refusing to succumb to its ordained destruction, it reset itself, guided by the skilled hand of Phastos. In a desperate bid to salvage what remained, a band of heroes converged—X-Men, Eternals, and Stark—venturing deep into the heart of the celestial entity itself. Their mission: to activate the self-destruct mechanism and halt the impending doom.

Within the celestial’s ethereal domain, the heroes rallied, their words a plea to challenge the Progenitor’s judgment. They dared to argue that the celestial itself was unworthy of assuming the role of a godly arbiter. Miraculously, their impassioned entreaties resonated, stirring doubt within the Progenitor’s ethereal essence. Swayed by their conviction, the celestial entity relented, undoing its previous actions and returning to the Avengers Mountain, relinquishing its power to Ajak.

In this climactic battle for salvation, the fate of humanity hung in the balance. The Progenitor’s judgment had been averted, but the scars of its imminent destruction would forever leave their mark. And as Ajak, now empowered with celestial might, assumed a newfound responsibility, the world braced itself for an uncertain future, where the remnants of its past mistakes served as a solemn reminder of the delicate balance between judgment and redemption.



The Celestials, mighty cosmic beings of immeasurable power, have captivated both readers and critics alike, leaving an indelible mark on the Marvel Universe. Renowned for their awe-inspiring presence, these celestial giants have soared to the pinnacle of rankings, solidifying their status as titans of the comic book realm.

In 2020, CBR.com bestowed upon the Celestials a well-deserved accolade, ranking them an astonishing 3rd in their prestigious “Marvel’s 10 Most Powerful Giants” list. With their colossal stature and unrivaled might, the Celestials towered above their peers, instilling a sense of wonder and awe in readers’ hearts.

Continuing their ascent to cosmic supremacy, the Celestials claimed the top spot in CBR.com’s 2021 “10 Strongest Characters From Eternals Comics” list. This resounding affirmation of their unparalleled strength further cemented their place as the epitome of cosmic might. Furthermore, the Celestials seized the 8th position in the esteemed “Marvel: The 10 Strongest Cosmic Entities” list, demonstrating their supremacy amidst the vast pantheon of cosmic forces.

But it is not just their sheer power that garners admiration; it is their unwavering courage that sets them apart. In CBR.com’s “10 Bravest Gods In Marvel Comics” list, the Celestials emerged as warriors unmatched, claiming the 8th spot. Their unyielding resolve and willingness to face insurmountable odds have made them icons of bravery and defiance.

Screen Rant, in 2022, recognized the Celestials as cosmic powerhouses, ranking them a formidable 7th in their esteemed “16 Most Powerful Cosmic Characters In Marvel Comics” list. This acknowledgment of their cosmic significance further reinforced their position as transcendent beings who shape the very fabric of existence.

With their awe-inspiring might, indomitable courage, and cosmic prowess, the Celestials have ascended to the zenith of recognition, earning their place among the most revered entities in the Marvel Universe. Prepare to be mesmerized as you delve into the realms of these celestial giants, witnessing their majestic grandeur and the seismic impact they have left upon the annals of comic book history.



With their nigh omnipotence and transcendent abilities, they stand as some of the most formidable entities in the Marvel Universe. From shaping the cosmos to judging the fate of civilizations, the Celestials leave an indelible mark on the fabric of reality. Here are exciting trivia facts about these enigmatic beings:

  • The Celestials possess immeasurable cosmic and supernatural powers, making them virtually omnipotent entities in the Marvel Universe.
  • Kang the Conqueror recognizes the Celestials as the most powerful energy source in existence, a testament to their immense power.
  • The Celestials transcend the boundaries of conventional space and time, existing beyond the constraints of the universe.
  • Only two Celestials working together have the combined power to judge and exterminate entire races, showcasing their dominance.
  • They played a pivotal role in shaping the cosmos and bringing life to the universe, responsible for the emergence of the Multiverse itself.
  • A single Celestial had the capability to warp reality on a pocket-dimensional scale, posing a threat to the entire fabric of existence.
  • The Celestials are often regarded on the same level as other cosmic entities, emphasizing their status and raw power.
  • Galactus, the devourer of worlds, considered the Mad Celestials such a formidable threat that he resorted to devouring four planets in preparation for their arrival.
  • Arishem, one of the Celestials, surpasses the combined power of Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu, his energy described as immeasurably more potent.
  • Odin, acknowledging the power disparity between the gods and the Celestials, created the virtually all-powerful Destroyer armor infused with the energy of his fellow Sky-Lords, but it still proved insufficient to challenge the Celestials.
  • The Celestials possess levels of power that surpass even the Fourth Host, indicating the existence of even more powerful Celestials.
  • Celestials possess the ability to manipulate space and time according to their will, effortlessly bending the fabric of reality.
  • They have a remarkable level of durability, with Arishem shrugging off attacks from three Skyfathers without any visible harm.
  • A Mad Celestial even survived the Ultimate Nullifier, a weapon capable of erasing entire realities, although the wielder’s mind may have been a limiting factor.
  • The Celestials possess the ability to regenerate lost limbs instantly, showcasing their remarkable regenerative capabilities.
  • They can be revived by their fellow Celestials, and a single Celestial can act as a seed for the resurrection of the entire Celestial race.
  • However, if a Celestial has been dead for an extended period, such as the Progenitor for 4 billion years, revival becomes impossible.
  • Unlike most entities, Celestials do not have separate multiversal counterparts; instead, they exist as singular beings across the Multiverse, divided among interconnected aspects.
  • The Celestials’ diverse abilities encompass a wide range, making them capable of various extraordinary feats.
  • Their average strength level is categorized as beyond Class 100, surpassing the strength of most other characters in the Marvel Universe.
  • The presence of the Celestials instills fear and awe in other cosmic beings, signifying their immense power and influence.
  • They have a distinct and awe-inspiring appearance, often depicted as towering cosmic beings with intricate and ornate designs.
  • The actions and experiments of the Celestials have had far-reaching consequences, shaping the histories and destinies of various Marvel civilizations.
  • Tiamut, the Dreaming Celestial, went rogue and caused chaos on Earth, leading to conflicts with superheroes and cosmic entities alike.
  • The Celestials act as both benefactors and judges, determining the fates of planets and civilizations throughout the universe.
  • The Space Knights, including Rom, have encountered the Celestials in their mission to protect the universe.
  • Odin, recognizing the Celestials’ power, created the Destroyer armor and sought the aid of other Sky-Lords to infuse it with their power.
  • The Celestials’ power is so immense that even an energy blast from the all-powerful Destroyer armor was casually deflected by a Celestial’s hand.
  • There exist higher-level Celestials that surpass the might of the Fourth Host, indicating the existence of even more powerful iterations.
  • The Celestials’ ability to exist in multiple locations simultaneously allows them to oversee and influence events across the cosmos.