One Above All: Comprehensive Character Summary

One Above All

One Above All: Comprehensive Character Summary


In the vast expanse of the Marvel Universe, where cosmic beings and unimaginable powers collide, there exists a force that transcends all others—an entity of boundless creativity and infinite potential. This supreme force is known as the One Above All, the apex of existence and the wellspring from which all creation flows. It is the embodiment of cosmic power and the source of everything that has ever been, is, and will ever be.

The One Above All reigns supreme as the highest authority in the cosmos, surpassing all its creations in sheer might and magnitude. While it typically delegates its authority to the Living Tribunal, its loyal servant and the supreme arbiter of the Multiverse, the One Above All occasionally intervenes directly in the affairs of existence. From its ethereal abode in the House of Ideas, also known as “Heaven,” the One Above All gazes upon the tapestry of reality, guiding and shaping it with its celestial touch.

Love is the singular weapon of the One Above All, a force that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Through love, it weaves the intricate threads of creation, infusing existence with purpose and harmony. Yet, there exists a darker aspect—an antithesis to its benevolent nature. This malevolent counterpart is known as the One Below All, a demonic entity fueled by hate and destruction. Where the One Above All builds, the One Below All shatters, tearing down in order to rebuild anew.

Though seemingly omnipotent, the One Above All is not without its mysteries. Even this supreme force harbors realms of knowledge beyond its grasp, secrets that lie in the shadows of its infinite understanding. The very notion of these enigmas both fascinates and repulses the One Below All, while the One Above All remains captivated by the unknown, forever seeking to unravel the uncharted depths of existence.

As the celestial fulcrum upon which the Marvel Universe pivots, the One Above All stands as the embodiment of limitless potential and unimaginable power. From its realm beyond time and space, it watches over creation, nurturing it with love and guiding it toward its destined path. Yet, the ever-present allure of the unknown beckons, drawing the One Above All further into the cosmic tapestry, where new revelations and infinite possibilities await.

One Above All


The personality of the One Above All is a breathtaking tapestry of compassion, light, and boundless love. As the ultimate source of life and creation, this celestial being stands as the architect and creator of the vast Multiverse and everything that exists within it. Its presence radiates with an awe-inspiring sense of benevolence and wisdom, embodying the essence of all that is good and just.

While the One Above All remains shrouded in mystery, its profound nature has been illuminated through rare interactions with mortal beings. Though it prefers to observe and experience its creation through countless perspectives, it has chosen to directly engage with individuals in times of great need and despair. In those moments, it becomes a beacon of hope, extending a helping hand to those who have lost their way.

The One Above All has shown its unwavering belief in the power of love as its sole weapon. Through the words of the Watcher, this divine force has declared that love is the driving force behind its actions and the key to unlocking the potential within every being. It views all of its creations with immeasurable compassion, fostering an environment of growth, redemption, and self-discovery.

Although the One Above All rarely interferes with the destinies of mortals, it subtly guides them during their darkest hours. It presents opportunities for individuals to rise above adversity, helping them find the strength and resolve to shape their own paths. In times of despair and doubt, this omnipotent being instills faith and restores the belief in humanity, reminding us of the inherent goodness that resides within each soul.

Despite the One Above All’s boundless love, it is not oblivious to the choices made by its creations. While it may experience disappointment and pity toward those who succumb to the allure of darkness, it always extends a lifeline, a chance for redemption and salvation. No matter how far one strays, the One Above All offers a way out of the shadows, a path toward renewal and the restoration of light.

In the grand tapestry of existence, the One Above All shines as a beacon of compassion, guiding its creations with a gentle touch. Its interactions with mortals are rare and profound, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to encounter its divine presence. As it continues to watch over the Multiverse and all that resides within, the One Above All serves as a reminder of the transformative power of love and the infinite possibilities that lie within the hearts of every being.

One Above All

Attributes & Abilities

Other AliasesAbove-All-Others
Supreme One
EducationDivine Omniscience
Place of OriginCreator of the Multiverse
Known RelativesOne Below All (dark counterpart)
PowersSupreme being within the Multiverse
Beyond any known system of abilities
Beyond any known system of strength
Group AffiliationUnrevealed

The One Above All stands as the supreme being, an entity of unfathomable power within the vast tapestry of the Multiverse. Described as omnipotent, this celestial force wields a might that surpasses the comprehension of mortal minds. With a mere thought, the One Above All can shape reality itself, transcending the boundaries of cosmic powers and abstract entities that dwell within the realms of existence.

Omnipresence is a trait inherent to the One Above All, for it exists as the essence from which all things spring forth. Every atom, every star, and every living being are mere extensions of its boundless being. It perceives and experiences all that unfolds within the Multiverse, existing in every moment and at every point in space and time. The One Above All’s omniscience grants it a profound understanding of all knowledge, past, present, and future. It holds the secrets of creation, aware of every facet of existence.

Beyond any known system of abilities, the One Above All transcends the limitations that govern lesser beings. It stands as a force beyond definition, a presence that defies categorization. It has been depicted as a manifestation of the writer, stepping into the realm of the story as a guiding hand. In this regard, it represents the creative essence, residing within the House of Ideas, where the fabric of stories is woven together.

The true extent of the One Above All’s abilities remains a mystery, a realm of limitless possibilities. It surpasses the scope of cosmic entities and cosmic powers, holding dominion over the very fabric of reality itself. Its power is not bound by any known system or set of rules, transcending the limitations that govern lesser beings. It is the supreme force that weaves the intricate tapestry of the Multiverse, sculpting galaxies, civilizations, and destinies with its indomitable will.

In the presence of the One Above All, all other powers pale in comparison. It reigns as the pinnacle of existence, embodying the true essence of omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. Within its grasp lies the ability to shape, create, and guide the destiny of the Multiverse itself. It stands as a testament to the immeasurable power and limitless potential that dwells within the realms of Marvel Comics.

One Above All


Despite its immeasurable power and influence, the One Above All is not impervious to weaknesses and vulnerabilities. One such weakness lies in the delicate balance of the Multiverse. When the Regulator, a powerful artifact designed to maintain separation between universes, fell into the hands of an omnipotent future incarnation of Thanos, it disrupted the equilibrium of the Multiverse. The resulting imbalance proved to be a challenge beyond the ability of the One Above All to rectify, leaving it vulnerable to manipulation and absorption by the all-powerful Thanos.

The nature of duality presents another weakness inherent in the One Above All. As the embodiment of love, creation, and life, it is the ultimate force of goodness. However, this inherent goodness prevents it from directly harming or destroying anything. The One Above All requires the utilization of its other aspect, the enigmatic and malevolent entity known as the One Below All, to bring about destruction and break things down in order to rebuild anew.

Just as Bruce Banner and his various Hulks represent two halves of the same whole, the One Above All and the One Below All exist as dual aspects, each with their own purpose and limitations. While both possess unlimited power, their actions are restricted by their respective natures.

These weaknesses serve as reminders that even the highest authority in the Marvel Multiverse is not without limitations. The disruption of the Multiversal balance and the reliance on duality highlight the vulnerability of the One Above All. It showcases the delicate intricacies and checks and balances that govern the cosmic order. As much as the One Above All embodies the power of creation and love, it is bound by the inherent principles and dynamics that shape the very fabric of existence.

In the face of these weaknesses, the One Above All must navigate the intricate web of cosmic forces and make calculated choices. Its power, while vast, is not invincible. It must rely on the delicate interplay of cosmic energies and the balance between creation and destruction to shape the Multiverse. Through this interplay, the One Above All’s weaknesses become a testament to the complexity and fragility of existence, serving as a reminder that even the mightiest entities are subject to the ebb and flow of cosmic forces.

One Above All

Power Grid

One Above All


The enigmatic presence known as the One Above All made its stunning debut within the pages of Fantastic Four #511, back in the gripping month of May in 2004. This awe-inspiring character emerged from the creative minds of writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Wieringo, leaving an indelible mark on the Marvel Comics landscape. In that monumental issue, the true nature of the One Above All began to unravel, captivating readers with its mysterious and profound existence.

As this divine being graced the panels of the comic, it took on the visage of none other than Jack Kirby himself, the legendary artist whose contributions had shaped the very foundation of Marvel’s universe. The choice of Kirby’s likeness may hint at a remarkable concept—the One Above All could very well be a representation of the actual comic book writers existing within the vast expanse of the Marvel Multiverse. This meta-narrative twist added an extra layer of intrigue to the already enigmatic nature of the character.

Although the One Above All has made only a few appearances, its impact has been monumental. It embodies the highest form of creative power and serves as the architect and creator of the entire Multiverse. With its resemblance to Jack Kirby, the One Above All symbolizes the driving force behind the stories and universes that Marvel fans have come to know and love. It transcends the boundaries of reality and breaks the fourth wall, giving readers a glimpse into the profound mysteries that lie beyond the pages of their favorite comics.

Since its introduction, the One Above All has captivated readers with its cosmic presence and symbolic significance. It represents the ultimate authority within the Marvel Multiverse, existing beyond the constraints of time and space. The character’s creation has enriched the mythology of Marvel Comics, inviting fans to contemplate the relationship between the creators and their creations.

The debut of the One Above All marked a pivotal moment in Marvel’s storytelling history. With each appearance, this ethereal being embodies the essence of limitless imagination and serves as a testament to the boundless creativity found within the realm of comic books. Its connection to Jack Kirby and the writers who bring these incredible tales to life adds a touch of reverence and introspection to the narrative, reminding readers of the incredible power and influence held within the pages of a comic book.

In the years since its introduction, the One Above All continues to inspire and fascinate readers, symbolizing the driving force behind Marvel’s vast storytelling tapestry. Its enigmatic presence serves as a constant reminder of the profound impact that comic book creators and their creations can have on the collective imagination. The One Above All’s publication in Fantastic Four #511 marks a milestone in the ongoing saga of Marvel Comics, forever leaving an indelible imprint on the rich tapestry of superhero mythology.

One Above All


In the vast expanse of the Marvel Multiverse, where realities collide and cosmic entities reign, there exists an enigmatic and all-powerful being known as the One Above All. This awe-inspiring entity is said to be responsible for the very existence of life in all its diverse forms, spanning not only the Multiverse but quite possibly beyond. As the supreme master and superior to even the cosmic overseer, the Living Tribunal, the One Above All wields unimaginable power and wisdom.

The Living Tribunal, a being whose judgment embodies equity, vengeance, and necessity, acts as the ultimate arbiter under the watchful gaze of the One Above All. With its three faces perfectly aligned, passing judgment on cosmic matters, the Living Tribunal enforces the balance set forth by its celestial superior. The existence and alignment of these cosmic forces serve as a testament to the overwhelming authority and power wielded by the One Above All.

But this extraordinary being is not limited to the role of overseer and judge alone. In order to perpetuate the cycle of death and rebirth within the Multiverse, the One Above All has the ability to manifest as the dark entity known as the One Below All. This counterweight to the expanding life within the Multiverse ensures that creation can flourish through destruction and renewal. Like two sides of the same coin, the One Above All and the One Below All represent the dualistic nature of existence, where creation and destruction are inextricably intertwined.

Throughout the Modern Age, the true might and dominion of the One Above All have been revealed in cryptic conversations and encounters with various cosmic beings. Uatu the Watcher, when consoling the pregnant Susan Storm in her moment of fear and doubt, unveiled the true nature of the “all-powerful” entities she had encountered. He revealed that there is only one being truly deserving of that title, and its sole weapon is love—a force far more potent and encompassing than any other.

The Living Tribunal, an entity whose power is said to exceed even Eternity, acts as the representative of the One Above All. Described as the embodiment of the Supreme Will, the Living Tribunal enforces the edicts of its celestial superior. This confirmation from various cosmic beings, such as Eternity, Infinity, and Master Order, solidifies the awe-inspiring stature and dominion of the One Above All within the Marvel Multiverse.

In a moment of cosmic crisis, when the Multiverse faced annihilation at the hands of the Beyonders, Doctor Strange revealed that the very fabric of reality and the rules governing it were constructed by a higher order—one that exists beyond time and space itself. This alludes to the existence of the One Above All, whose unfathomable power and creative essence gave birth to the intricate tapestry of existence.

The One Above All has also made remarkable appearances to individuals in their most desperate moments. Encountering Peter Parker during a time of profound grief, the celestial entity disguised itself as an elderly homeless man, imparting wisdom and encouragement, urging Peter to keep faith in the face of adversity. This interaction showcased the One Above All’s compassion and connection to individual lives, reinforcing its status as a force of love and hope.

Furthermore, the One Above All made a profound impact on the Fantastic Four when it appeared to them in the House of Ideas. Donning the visage of the legendary Jack Kirby, the entity bestowed praise upon the team for their unwavering pursuit of knowledge and exploration. Promising incredible wonders yet to be discovered, the One Above All exemplified the boundless potential and limitless imagination that lies within the realm of comic books.

In a climactic encounter with Thanos and an alternate version of Adam Warlock, the One Above All revealed its existence beyond time and space, alternating between male and female forms. Thanos, driven by his insatiable thirst for power, managed to strike a deal with the entity, convincing it to restore reality in exchange for Adam taking up the vacant position and responsibilities of the deceased Living Tribunal. This interaction showcased the unfathomable scope and influence of the One Above All, even in the face of the Mad Titan’s cosmic ambitions.

However, the true nature of the One Above All was most startlingly revealed when the Hulk confronted the One Below All. The dark entity, which had served as a counterweight to creation, unveiled its true face—a face identical to the One Above All. The entity explained that it played the role of destruction to allow for the rebuilding and renewal of existence. In this revelation, the Hulk grasped the profound significance of choice and forgiveness, understanding that the power to create or destroy lies within each individual.

Most recently, the Defenders found themselves in the presence of the One Above All within the House of Ideas. As they sought knowledge about an impending threat, the Blue Marvel questioned the validity of the entity’s name. In response, the One Above All unleashed a horde of creatures from pre-“creation” upon the Defenders, displaying a mere fraction of its immense power. It revealed that while it represents the primal creative force, there may still exist an even higher guiding hand in the grand tapestry of existence.

The saga of the One Above All continues to unfold, with its true nature and purpose remaining shrouded in mystery. It is an entity of unimaginable power, love, and creativity, existing as the pinnacle of cosmic forces. As the Multiverse teeters on the precipice of countless possibilities and infinite realities, the presence of the One Above All serves as a reminder of the boundless potential and profound mysteries that lie beyond the realms of mortal comprehension.

One Above All


The One Above All, the enigmatic and all-powerful entity from Marvel Comics, has captured the imaginations of readers and fans alike since its introduction. With its grandeur and mysterious nature, the character has garnered considerable reception and left an indelible mark on the Marvel Universe.

Fans have been captivated by the sheer magnitude of the One Above All’s power and influence. As the supreme being responsible for the existence of all life in the Multiverse and potentially beyond, it holds a position of unparalleled significance. The One Above All’s ability to manifest as the dark entity, the One Below All, has further intrigued readers, as it symbolizes the delicate balance between creation and destruction, showcasing the duality inherent in cosmic forces.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the One Above All is its embodiment of love as its sole weapon. This unique characteristic sets it apart from other cosmic entities, emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy in the face of unimaginable power. Readers have been moved by the entity’s wisdom and its ability to offer solace and encouragement in moments of despair, such as when it appeared to Peter Parker and the Fantastic Four during their darkest hours.

The appearances of the One Above All, often taking the form of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby, have been met with excitement and reverence. The nod to the creative minds behind Marvel’s iconic characters adds a metafictional layer to the character’s portrayal, blurring the lines between the fictional universe and the real-world creators.

The profound impact of the One Above All’s presence and its interactions with other cosmic entities, such as the Living Tribunal and Eternity, has resonated with readers. These encounters highlight the One Above All’s status as the ultimate authority and the representative of forces that dwarf even the mightiest beings in the Marvel Multiverse. Such cosmic confrontations have left readers in awe of the entity’s immense power and the implications of its existence.

Overall, the reception of the One Above All has been nothing short of extraordinary. Its grandeur, wisdom, and enigmatic nature have captivated fans, sparking endless discussions and speculation. The character’s significance within the Marvel Universe as the master and superior to cosmic forces and its connection to the creative process of comic books have only heightened the intrigue surrounding the One Above All. As the Marvel Multiverse continues to evolve, readers eagerly await the next appearance or revelation related to this awe-inspiring entity, eager to explore the boundless depths of its power and the mysteries it holds.

One Above All


Delve into the intriguing world of the One Above All, the enigmatic entity from Marvel Comics who embodies the pinnacle of cosmic power. As we explore the trivia surrounding this awe-inspiring character, prepare to be dazzled by the connections to other celestial beings, the mysterious rooms that hold the key to creation, and the fascinating associations with real-world creators. Brace yourself for a journey through cosmic radiation, the multiverse, and the very essence of existence itself!

  • The One Above All should not be mistaken for the Celestial of the same name, as they are distinct entities. Likewise, it is unknown if the One Above All has any relation to characters like Yahweh or the Fulcrum, leaving the mystery of its origins intact.
  • On Templeworld, the Deonists revered a “celestial being” known as the One Above All. This entity, while not a Celestial, maintained a symbiotic relationship with the Deonists until sacrificing itself to protect them from an alien armada, showcasing its selfless nature.
  • The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe describes the One Above All as the entity believed to be the supreme being and creator of the Omniverse, further cementing its status as an all-powerful force.
  • The Living Tribunal, a servant of the One Above All, holds authority over Eternity, the embodiment of the Marvel Universe itself. This places the One Above All in a position even above cosmic entities, emphasizing its unparalleled power and dominion.
  • Despite Eternity’s proclamation that the Infinity Gems would no longer work in unison, Captain America’s successful use of the Infinity Gauntlet to repel an alternate Earth invasion implies that the Living Tribunal’s mandate might have been rescinded, introducing uncertain implications for the multiverse.
  • In a fascinating twist, the retroactive continuity involving the Fantastic Four sees the One Above All deny the Rider access to its realm, leading the Rider to encounter his true creator, an entity resembling Donny Cates. Whether this being is an aspect of the One Above All or a separate entity remains unknown.
  • In the pages of Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool, the One Above All bears a striking resemblance to the legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby, paying homage to the creative genius behind Marvel’s iconic characters.
  • Both Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the co-creators of Marvel, have often been considered avatars of the One Above All, with their initials subtly appearing throughout the House of Ideas, the birthplace of countless extraordinary tales.
  • Acclaimed writer Al Ewing hints at the One Above All’s connection to cosmic radiation and the Mystery, mirroring the relationship between the One Below All, gamma radiation, and the Below-Place, as created by Ewing.
  • Gamma radiation and cosmic radiation, representing opposing forces, share a “common source” according to the Leader’s experiments. This source is believed to be the One Above All, with the One Below All serving as its dark counterpart.
  • The Six, an enigmatic group, harvest primal kirbons from the Mystery’s White Hot Room, an integral part of the Above-place, which is the essence of the One Above All. These primal kirbons exist both outside and at the heart of the cosmos, blurring the lines between creation and its core.
  • Clarifying the connection, Al Ewing confirms that the Mystery itself is the Above-place, encompassing not only the White Hot Room but also the House of Ideas, unveiling the interconnectedness of these cosmic realms.
One Above All