Dormammu: Comprehensive Character Summary


Dormammu: Comprehensive Character Summary


In the vast cosmos of Marvel Comics, where darkness and malevolence thrive, there exists a being of unfathomable power and insatiable ambition. His name strikes fear into the hearts of heroes and evildoers alike. He is Dormammu, a cosmic entity driven by a diabolical desire to conquer and dominate all realms and planes of existence. With an arsenal of otherworldly abilities at his command, he ruthlessly invades and attacks, forever seeking to plunge our world into eternal darkness.

Created by the visionary minds of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Dormammu emerged onto the pages of American comic books, making his unforgettable debut in Strange Tales #126 in November 1964. From that moment on, the Marvel Universe would never be the same. Dormammu, the brother of the villainous Umar and the uncle of the heroic Clea, rose to prominence as the malevolent ruler of the Dark Dimension, a realm where nightmares and horrors dwell.

His influence extends far beyond the comic panels, as Dormammu has ventured into other realms of entertainment. Through films, animated television series, toys, trading cards, and video games, his ominous presence has left an indelible mark on popular culture. In the 2016 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange, Dormammu made his live-action debut, brought to life by the remarkable talent of Benedict Cumberbatch through motion capture. The melding of Cumberbatch’s physicality and the haunting voice of an unidentified British actor gave life to this iconic cosmic villain.

With an army of malevolent minions at his beck and call, Dormammu remains an unrelenting enemy of Earth. He spares no effort in plotting new schemes to conquer our world, enslaving humanity, and augmenting his already formidable power. His menacing presence poses a constant threat to the forces of good and evil alike, for there are no limits to his cosmic cruelty and cunning.

In the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe, Dormammu’s name echoes as a harbinger of chaos and despair. Heroes rise to face him, knowing the immense odds stacked against them. It is a battle of wills, a clash of power and determination that will determine the fate of countless worlds. For Dormammu, the conquest of Earth is but a stepping stone towards his ultimate goal—the domination of all existence itself. Brace yourselves, for the malevolent Dormammu looms, ready to unleash his otherworldly wrath upon our very reality.



Within the vast tapestry of Marvel Comics, where darkness coils and malevolence thrives, Dormammu stands as a figure more fearsome than any demon that has ever plagued the cosmos. Ancient and enigmatic, his true origins shrouded in mystery, Dormammu exists in a realm untethered to the laws of physics as we comprehend them. He predates the demonic netherworlds that came to be, having clashed with Agamotto in a battle stretching back hundreds of millions of years. Feared by the Vishanti themselves and recognized as an extreme threat by the mages of pre-cataclysm Atlantis, Dormammu is an unparalleled force of malevolence.

Hailing from a higher-dimensional plane of existence, Dormammu is the most potent and wicked of the Faltine, mystical energy beings that transcend mortal comprehension. While not native to the Dark Dimension, he and his sibling Umar were banished for their unfathomable act of slaying their progenitor, Sinifer, and their unquenchable thirst for the physical realm. Journeying to the Dark Dimension, they assumed corporeal forms, with Dormammu merging his essence with the Flames of Regency, augmenting his already prodigious power. Umar, on the other hand, developed an insatiable appetite for physical pleasure.

With cunning precision, Dormammu imprisoned the horde of unstoppable Mindless Ones, asserting his dominance and enslaving the entire realm, demanding the unwavering worship of its denizens. Gradually, he began merging other mystical universes into his dominion, extending his influence while enticing sorcerers across the multiverse to invoke his name and channel his dark powers. Dormammu’s plans are often unfathomably patient, stretching across billions of years, meticulously calculated to achieve his ultimate goals. However, in other instances, he seizes opportunities and adapts on the fly, embracing chaos and unexpected turns with his overwhelming intelligence.

Arrogance courses through his very essence, his supreme knowledge of the mystic arts matched only by his unyielding sense of self-importance. Though Dormammu’s intellect is unquestionable, he often stumbles when faced with sudden confusion or unforeseen circumstances, relishing the opportunity to gloat over his outmatched foes rather than swiftly annihilating them. What sets Dormammu apart from other malevolent Marvel supervillains is his capacity to personally vanquish cosmic entities, transcending the boundaries of power sources and realms. Even outside the Dark Dimension, he is an unstoppable force, defying the laws that bind lesser beings.

Dormammu shares an unpredictable love-hate relationship with his sister, Umar. At times, they stand as loyal and collaborative allies, only to betray each other with malicious glee or seize the other’s power for their own wicked ends. Umar, with her biting sarcasm and pragmatic sadistic hedonism, punctures her brother’s obsessive histrionics, creating a tempestuous dynamic that echoes across the dimensions. As writer Keith Giffen aptly described them, Dormammu and Umar are like “Donnie and Marie from hell,” a sibling rivalry elevated to a nightmarish scale, tearing at the very fabric of the universe.

In the realm of Dormammu, all notions of humanity and compassion are shed. He is a creature completely devoid of empathy, capable of committing mass murder on a mere whim. With his insidious influence, his hunger for dominion, and his relentless pursuit of power, Dormammu stands as a relentless embodiment of darkness—a cosmic force that strikes terror into the hearts of heroes and villains alike.


Attributes & Abilities

HeightVariable (Usually 6’1″)
UniverseMarvel Universe (Earth-616)
Other AliasesThe Dread One
Eater of Souls
Lord of Chaos
Lord of Darkness
The Great Enigma
Place of OriginFaltine Dimension
IdentityNo dual identity
Known RelativesSinifer (mother, deceased)
Umar (twin sister)
Satannish (son)
Doyle Dormammu (son)
Clea (niece)
Doctor Strange (nephew-in-law)
PowersMystic energy manipulation
Mastery of dark magic
Dimensional teleportation
Control of Elements
Creation of Artificial Beings
Matter Transmutation
Size and Shape Alteration
Group AffiliationHell Lords
Lords of the Splinter Realms
Lords of the Netherworlds

Dormammu, the most dreaded adversary of Doctor Strange, stands as a formidable force that threatens the very fabric of the universe. Acknowledged as the Sorcerer Supreme’s “most terrible foe,” Dormammu possesses an overwhelming power that renders any opposition futile. At his full might, he becomes an unstoppable force capable of obliterating all in his path. His influence extends beyond the confines of a single realm, reaching universal and even multiversal scales.

Harnessing his immense power, Dormammu unleashes devastating energy bolts and beams that can annihilate his foes with unrelenting force. His mastery over dimensional manipulation allows him to alter his own size and traverse the vast expanses of alternate realities with ease. The fabric of time bends to his will, granting him the ability to journey through temporal planes, shaping events to suit his nefarious schemes. Dormammu wields the power to bestow portions of his immense energy to others, transforming them into formidable beings, wielding a fraction of his terrifying might.

With mastery over the fundamental forces of existence, Dormammu possesses the ability to resurrect the deceased, defying the natural order and wielding the power of life and death as a plaything. He can manipulate matter at will, bending and shaping objects to suit his desires. Reality itself bends beneath his dark influence, granting him the power to warp the fabric of existence to his whims. As a master of manipulation, Dormammu can possess the bodies of other beings, bending them to his malevolent will, puppeteering their every action.

Throughout the eons, Dormammu has proven himself to be seemingly immortal, defying the ravages of time and emerging unscathed from countless battles. His power surges within the Dark Dimension, amplified by the unwavering worship of his followers. The very essence of the Dark Dimension itself becomes a conduit for his terrifying might, enhancing his already overwhelming power.

To face Dormammu is to confront an unparalleled force of destruction and darkness. His abilities transcend mortal comprehension, enabling him to reshape reality, control time, and command cosmic energies. With his dominion over the forces of existence, Dormammu embodies a true cosmic terror, an ancient malevolence poised to unleash untold chaos upon all who dare to oppose him.

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In the expansive web of Marvel Comics, even the most formidable entities harbor weaknesses that can be exploited. Dormammu, despite his immense power, possesses vulnerabilities that send tremors through his malevolent being. While he reigns supreme within the Dark Dimension, his magical might wanes when he ventures beyond its boundaries, into Earth or any other realm not of his own. The dimensional barriers of Earth-616, bolstered by the spells of the Sorcerer Supreme, have proven impenetrable to Dormammu, forcing him to confront the limits of his power. Even temporary dimensional apertures connecting him to other realms have been known to sap his mystical prowess, allowing the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth to stand toe-to-toe with him in magical combat.

Despite his overwhelming might, Dormammu’s dominion over magic is not without its weaknesses. The mystical Staff of One, wielded by Minoru and feared by the dark wizards of the Gibborim-formed Pride, possesses an extraordinary capability to make Dormammu himself tremble. This artifact, with its enigmatic powers, has the potential to exploit a vulnerability within the formidable cosmic entity, reminding him of his fallibility and setting the stage for a battle of immense proportions.

While Dormammu may command unimaginable power, his abilities are intertwined with the realm he rules. Beyond the Dark Dimension, his magic weakens, leaving him susceptible to the cunning of his adversaries. The very nature of his vast power becomes restrained when confronted with the boundaries of Earth and other realms not under his direct influence. This weakness, exploited by those who understand the intricacies of dimensional manipulation, presents a glimmer of hope in the face of Dormammu’s overwhelming might.

In the cosmic tapestry of Marvel Comics, even the most malevolent entities must confront their vulnerabilities. Dormammu, with all his grandeur and power, bows to the limitations imposed upon him. The spells and barriers of the Earth-616 realm have proven to be an insurmountable obstacle, weakening his magic and exposing chinks in his formidable armor. As forces beyond his control tremble in his presence, the darkness within Dormammu himself quivers when confronted by artifacts of immense mystical might. In the eternal battle between light and darkness, these weaknesses, however slight, serve as a beacon of hope for those who dare to stand against the cosmic terror that is Dormammu.


Power Grid

Dormammu Power Grid


The tale of Dormammu, the diabolical lord of the Dark Dimension, unfolds within the pages of Marvel Comics, captivating readers since his first appearance in Strange Tales #126–127 (November-December 1964). Mentioned in previous dialogues, Dormammu’s enigmatic name stirred intrigue among readers, driving them to seek further knowledge of this otherworldly figure and his dominion. With the creative prowess of writer Mike Conroy and the visionary artwork of Steve Ditko, Dormammu was brought to life in a visage unlike any villain that had graced the pages of comics before.

Established as the ruler of an alternate dimension, Dormammu quickly became a recurring nemesis for the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange. Prior to Dormammu’s emergence, Doctor Strange had primarily faced off against one-off mystical threats. However, with the arrival of Dormammu, the scope and stakes of the mystical battles reached new heights. Their initial encounter in the Dark Dimension not only introduced the malevolent lord but also unveiled Clea, who would later be revealed as Dormammu’s niece, and the monstrous Mindless Ones, locked away in their dark prison.

Dormammu’s prominence continued to grow as he embarked on an epic fifteen-issue storyline in Strange Tales #131–146 (April 1965–July 1966). As the narrative unfolded, readers discovered that Dormammu had a sister named Umar, and both siblings belonged to a mystical race known as the Faltine. This revelation expanded the mystique and depth of Dormammu’s character, solidifying his place as a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

The villain’s journey intertwined with other iconic Marvel characters and storylines. Dormammu joined forces with Loki, the god of mischief, to ignite the “Avengers-Defenders War” in The Avengers #115–118 and The Defenders #8–11 (September-December 1973). His nefarious exploits continued to unfold in various series, including Thor Annual #9 (1981), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #1–2 (November 1988 & January 1989), and limited series such as Doctor Strange: The Flight of the Bones #1–4 (February-May 1999) and Hellcat #1–3 (September-November 2000).

Dormammu’s legacy persisted, as he made a significant appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #498–500 (October-December 2003), solidifying his status as a formidable force within the Marvel Universe. The malevolent lord further extended his influence by becoming the patron of the small-time villain known as the Hood in The New Avengers #46 (December 2008), further cementing his presence within the ever-expanding Marvel tapestry.

Across the decades, Dormammu’s dark visage and insidious machinations have captivated readers, drawing them into a realm of mysticism, danger, and epic battles. From his humble beginnings to his grandest confrontations, Dormammu’s presence reverberates throughout the pages of Marvel Comics, leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of one of the most formidable villains ever to grace the realms of the Marvel Universe.



Born untold thousands or even millions of years ago in the dimension of the vastly powerful energy-entities called the Faltine, Dormammu and his younger twin sister Umar were destined to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of reality. These rebellious siblings were unlike their fellow Faltine, for they dared to gather matter to themselves, a forbidden practice that set them apart. Sinifer, their parent, fell victim to their insatiable hunger for power, as Dormammu and Umar mercilessly slew their own progenitor.

Driven from their home dimension by the vengeful wrath of the other Faltine, the exiled twins embarked on a journey that would span countless dimensions. Their insidious quest to amass matter and assimilate it into their beings knew no bounds. It was during their arduous odyssey that they stumbled upon the Dark Dimension—a mystical realm teeming with unnatural warps and pocket universes. Recognizing its potential, Dormammu and Umar utilized their accumulated matter to craft permanent human forms for themselves, believing that this realm would serve as the perfect crucible for their ambitions.

Arriving in the Dark Dimension, they encountered a society at peace, harmonious for nearly 28,000 years under the rule of the wizard-king Olnar the First. The Mhuruuks, the advisors to Olnar, issued grave warnings against granting sanctuary and power to Dormammu and Umar, but their words of caution fell upon deaf ears. In exchange for knowledge on shattering dimensional barriers and absorbing other realms, Olnar offered the exiled twins refuge and dominion over his realm.

The 29th cycle of Olnar’s rule would be marked by fateful events orchestrated by Dormammu. It was he, by chance or by design, who led Olnar to the dimension of the Mindless Ones—a fearsome legion of indestructible dreadnoughts. Chaos ensued as Olnar and many Dark Dimension denizens fell before the onslaught of these unstoppable monstrosities. Yet, amidst the chaos, Dormammu and Umar emerged as saviors, repelling and confining the rampaging Mindless Ones. The grateful inhabitants of the Dark Dimension hailed them as heroes, bestowing upon them the title of regents.

Now rulers of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu and Umar reveled in their newfound power. Dormammu, partially reverting to his flaming Faltine form, merged his essence with the mystic energies of the realm. This fusion augmented his might exponentially, making him an unstoppable force within the Dark Dimension and beyond.

The early days of Dormammu’s rule remain shrouded in mystery. The passage of time in the Dark Dimension differs from that of Earth, and the denizens’ millennia-long lifespans only serve to further obscure the truth. What is known, however, is that Dormammu engaged in numerous wars with extradimensional rulers, while also forging alliances when it suited his purposes. He even formed a pact with Odin of Asgard, a remarkable feat in itself, and united with the embodiment of Eternity to banish the malevolent Zom into a netherworldly prison.

Legends of Dormammu’s might began to echo throughout the cosmos, reaching the ears of even the godly Odin himself. Loki, the god of mischief, would claim that Odin spoke of Dormammu with a sense of dread—a testament to the immense power wielded by the Lord of the Dark Dimension. Dormammu’s abilities, coupled with the force of the Evil Eye, posed a grave threat to the entirety of the Marvel Universe. With the potential to merge dimensions, he could single-handedly crush reality itself if he so desired.

Observing the Earth dimension for countless millennia, Dormammu pulled unseen strings behind the scenes. It is whispered that he even manipulated the creation of the demon Satannish in Earth’s ancient pre-history, weaving a web of influence throughout the ages. He clashed with Agamotto, the extradimensional entity who proclaimed himself the first Sorcerer Supreme, and held his own against the enigmatic disciple of Agamotto—an unnamed tentacled alien of formidable power. Dormammu’s knowledge extended to the Celestials and Zeus, for he claimed he would “burn” the former and that his power rivaled that of the latter.

Even the ancient Atlantean mages, whose wisdom spanned eons, recognized Dormammu’s existence and the imminent danger he posed. They warned all sorcerers to resist his temptations, with Zhered-Na’s Tome cautioning against the seductive allure of Dormammu’s power. From the dawn of time, Zhered-Na and the mages of Atlantis understood the malevolence that lurked in the heart of Dormammu.

In his relentless pursuit of dominion, Dormammu orchestrated a tragic fate for his sister, Umar. After she bore a daughter to Orini, now a being of millennia-old adulthood, Dormammu employed trickery to banish Umar to a pocket universe. Seizing control of the Dark Dimension without opposition, he continued his conquests with unwavering determination. Orini, devoted to his new master, raised Dormammu’s daughter, Clea, in the twisted service of the Dread One.

Through ages untold, Dormammu remained a relentless force, rarely tasting true defeat. Though the Eye of Agamotto and the Staff of One were wielded against him in desperate attempts to subdue his power, he withstood the onslaught. Ascending the ranks of mystic beings, his patronage was sought by mortal sorcerers who beseeched his aid, driven to desperation by the direst of circumstances.

The tale of Dormammu, the malevolent Lord of the Dark Dimension, continues to unfold as he schemes and plots from his realm of eternal darkness. His insidious influence permeates the cosmos, leaving a trail of devastation and shattered realities in his wake. Yet, there remains a glimmer of hope, as champions rise to challenge his reign and thwart his sinister designs. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance as heroes prepare to face Dormammu, for they know that failure would plunge all of existence into eternal night.



Dormammu, the malevolent Lord of the Dark Dimension, has left an indelible mark on the world of Marvel Comics. His presence is so formidable that fans and critics alike have acknowledged his status as one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe. With a chilling aura and insatiable hunger for power, Dormammu has garnered recognition and acclaim that few can rival.

Adam Holmes of CinemaBlend recognized Dormammu’s potential, including him in their esteemed list of “10 Awesome Marvel Villains We Need to See in the MCU.” The anticipation for Dormammu’s arrival on the big screen grew, as fans yearned to witness his malevolence brought to life. And when the time came, they were not disappointed.

Jamie Lovett of ranked Dormammu at the top of their list of “5 Greatest Doctor Strange Villains.” With his enigmatic nature and dark mystic powers, Dormammu poses an unparalleled challenge for the Sorcerer Supreme. The battles between Dormammu and Doctor Strange captivated readers, leaving them in awe of the cosmic clashes that unfolded.

Trey Pasch of MovieWeb echoed the sentiment, ranking Dormammu as the number one villain in their “Doctor Strange: His Best Comic Book Villains” list. The raw power and menacing presence of Dormammu have solidified his position as a recurring and formidable adversary for the Master of the Mystic Arts.

The impact of Dormammu’s villainy extends beyond the Doctor Strange comics. Rachel Ulatowski of The Mary Sue recognized his strength, ranking Dormammu as the fourth strongest Marvel villain. His mastery over the forces of darkness and his insidious influence on reality make him a force to be reckoned with, capable of toppling entire civilizations.

As one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful foes, Dormammu’s prowess has not gone unnoticed. Chris Heasman of Looper ranked Dormammu fourth in their “Doctor Strange’s Most Powerful Villains” list. With his ability to manipulate dimensions and his insatiable hunger for conquest, Dormammu embodies the epitome of villainous might.

Dormammu’s impact is further evidenced by his inclusion in IGN’s prestigious “Top 100 Comic Book Villains” list, where he claimed the 56th spot. This acknowledgment solidifies his status as a memorable and influential character within the comic book realm.

Screen Rant recognized Dormammu’s significance in multiple capacities. He was included in their “10 Best Characters Who Made Their Debut in Doctor Strange Comics” list, highlighting his lasting impact on the mythos of the Sorcerer Supreme. He also found himself on lists such as “Ghost Rider’s 10 Greatest Enemies in the Comic Books,” “10 Most Terrifying Demons in Marvel and DC Comics,” and “15 Most Powerful Magical Beings in Marvel Comics.” These accolades serve as a testament to the fear-inducing presence of Dormammu in the world of Marvel. reinforced Dormammu’s status as a formidable opponent, ranking him second in their “11 Strongest Doctor Strange Villains” list. His demonic origins and insidious power set him apart, making him a memorable adversary for the Sorcerer Supreme. He also earned recognition in their lists of the “10 Most Powerful Comic Book Villains with Demonic Origins” and the “9 Darkest Characters Doctor Strange Fought in the Comics.”

His reception within the realm of Marvel Comics is nothing short of extraordinary. His chilling presence, immense power, and lasting impact on the Marvel Universe have solidified his position as one of the most formidable and revered villains in comic book history. From the pages of Doctor Strange to the minds of fans worldwide, Dormammu’s dark legacy continues to captivate and terrify.



Dormammu, the malevolent Lord of the Dark Dimension, is a character whose immense power and mysterious nature have captivated readers for years. As one of the most formidable villains in the Marvel Universe, Dormammu possesses a vast array of abilities and has engaged in epic battles that have pushed the boundaries of the Marvel mythos. Get ready for a thrilling ride through fascinating trivia about Dormammu:

  • Dormammu is considered more powerful than Lucifer, Marduk, Mephisto, and Satannish, and is believed to have played a role in the creation of the latter.
  • He possesses the skill and might to tamper with Odin’s spells, as demonstrated when he reverted Thor back to his mortal form against Odin’s will.
  • His magical power allows him to hold his own against Agamotto, even when the latter was the first Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe.
  • The Vishanti, the mystical entities revered by sorcerers, consider Dormammu their prime enemy and the greatest threat to the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • In a game of cosmic chess, Dormammu had the upper hand against Odin, representing Master Order, but the game ended in a draw due to Odin’s wish.
  • According to Loki, Odin sees Dormammu as an equal, while Dormammu considers Odin inferior.
  • He has directly challenged and even overcome Eternity, a cosmic entity of immense power.
  • He claims that his Flames of the Faltine are potent enough to destroy the Celestials, burning them to ashes.
  • Despite his incredible might, he has limits. For instance, the demon Zom has been referred to as potentially more powerful than Dormammu.
  • The Scarlet Witch, using a hex on the Evil Eye of Avalon, was able to defeat Dormammu after he had effortlessly defeated all the Avengers and Defenders combined.
  • His power combined with the Evil Eye was capable of destroying an entire reality, engulfing Earth, the Sol system, and various alien worlds.
  • He possesses the sorcery over the Flames of the Faltine, which surpasses even the greatest sorcerers like Doctor Strange and the Ancient One.
  • He has the ability to banish individuals from his domain, the Dark Dimension, but often chooses to engage them in combat.
  • He once imprisoned the Elder Goddess Gaea at the Earth’s core, requiring a complex spell fueled by Zom and Oshtur’s power to release her.
  • He possesses superhuman strength and can use his magical powers to augment it, enabling him to lift over 100 tons.
  • He has the power of astral projection, allowing him to traverse dimensions and project his consciousness across vast distances.
  • He can manipulate matter in his Dark Dimension, transforming objects into weapons of his choosing.
  • He possesses the ability to create portals for interdimensional teleportation and transportation of objects and energy.
  • High-speed flight is one of his powers, allowing him to soar through the realms at supersonic speeds.
  • He can alter his appearance and size at will, often growing to massive proportions for increased strength and durability.
  • He has control over the elements, such as fire, which he can call upon to serve his purposes.
  • He has the ability to summon minions, including the Mindless Ones, to aid him in battle.
  • While capable of time travel, he rarely employs this ability as it drains his powers significantly.
  • His near-invulnerability renders him nearly immune to harm from physical, energy, and mystical attacks.
  • Size alteration is another power he possesses, allowing him to increase his size to incredible levels.
  • As a being of pure mystical energy, Dormammu can turn intangible at will.
  • He is immortal and immune to aging, having lived for thousands or even millions of years without showing signs of aging.
  • His regenerative healing factor enables him to recover from severe injuries and renders him immune to diseases and toxins.
  • Energy projection is a primary manifestation of Dormammu’s power, ranging from force bolts and beams to cursed conflagrations and magically-constructed beings.
  • He can absorb energies directed at him and draw upon the power of the entire Dark Dimension.
  • He possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers, demonstrating his mastery over psionics.
  • He has the ability to bestow portions of his power onto others, as seen with his servant Baron Mordo and his creation of powerful beings like Satannish.
  • Reality warping is one of Dormammu’s remarkable abilities, enabling him to bend reality to his will and even nearly erase Doctor Strange from existence.
  • He can resurrect individuals using his powers, as witnessed when Parker Robbins utilized Dormammu’s abilities to bring back several deceased villains.
  • He possesses super-genius intelligence, making him highly knowledgeable compared to others in the universe.
  • He is a master martial artist, trained in an extra-dimensional fighting style. However, he was once defeated in hand-to-hand combat by the human Doctor Strange, who was highly skilled in martial arts.
  • He is composed of pure mystic energy, which increases and replenishes through worship across various dimensions, making him virtually indestructible and immortal.
  • His power combined with Umar’s overwhelmed Eternity and allowed them to reshape all of reality itself in their image on Earth-5113.
  • His control over the Flames of the Faltine enables him to empower human sorceresses, baptizing them with such power that they can destroy zombies with a mere thought.
  • His conflicts with Doctor Strange have ravaged entire cosmos and posed a threat to the entire Marvel Universe.