Clea: Comprehensive Character Summary


Clea: Comprehensive Character Summary


In the mystical tapestry of the Marvel Universe, Clea Strange emerges as a sorceress of extraordinary power and lineage. Crafted by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Clea made her dazzling debut in the pages of Strange Tales #126, ensnaring readers with her enigmatic presence. Maternally connected to the ethereal Faltine race, she carries the blood of energy beings in her veins.

Daughter of Umar, a fugitive from the Faltine realm, and niece of the malevolent Dormammu, Clea’s heritage is woven in shadows and secrets. Her tumultuous birth, shrouded in tragedy and loss, left scars upon her mother’s soul. Umar, stripped of her Faltinian form and consumed by fury, abandoned Clea to the care of Prince Orini, while engaging in a bitter conflict with her tyrannical brother.

Unaware of her true parentage, Clea grew up under the watchful eye of Orini, her father, who served Dormammu with unwavering loyalty. In the mystical realm known as the Dark Dimension, Dormammu reigned supreme after banishing Umar. As Clea blossomed into a remarkable sorceress, her admiration for Dormammu flourished, blinding her to the sinister depths of his rule.

But destiny had greater plans for Clea. As she crossed paths with the brilliant Doctor Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme himself, her world transformed. Love blossomed amidst the chaos of their shared adventures, and Clea became not only Stephen’s disciple but also his beloved partner. United in their mastery of the mystic arts, they embarked on a journey that would reshape the very fabric of their existence.

With the passing of the mantle, Clea emerged as Stephen’s rightful successor, shouldering the immense responsibility of Sorcerer Supreme. Armed with her innate abilities and honed skills, she stands as a beacon of hope against the forces of darkness. Clea’s path is one of self-discovery, as she grapples with her enigmatic lineage and confronts the daunting legacy of her uncle, Dormammu.

In a realm where magic intertwines with reality, Clea Strange stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a sorceress torn between her familial ties and her duty to protect the cosmos. As she weaves spells and battles malevolence, Clea’s captivating journey unfolds, captivating readers with each turn of the page.



Clea, the enigmatic sorceress of Marvel Comics, is a force to be reckoned with, brimming with complexity and a fiery determination that fuels her every action. Beneath her ethereal beauty lies a spirit that blends grace with a resolute will, and a thirst for knowledge that rivals the most ardent seekers of arcane wisdom.

Endowed with a regal demeanor, Clea possesses a quiet strength that belies her tender appearance. Though born into the shadows of a tumultuous lineage, she has emerged as a beacon of light and hope. Her heart burns with unwavering loyalty, as she stands by the side of her beloved Doctor Strange, embracing their shared destiny as protectors of the mystical realms.

Clea’s passion for the mystic arts is matched only by her insatiable curiosity. She is an avid student, constantly seeking to expand her knowledge and unlock the secrets of the multiverse. This thirst for understanding drives her to explore the realms beyond the ordinary, unraveling enigmas and confronting the unknown with courage and unwavering resolve.

In the face of adversity, Clea shines as a beacon of resilience. Her indomitable spirit refuses to be shackled by the chains of darkness, and she fearlessly challenges the forces that threaten to consume the cosmos. Whether facing down malevolent entities or navigating the treacherous intricacies of the mystical realm, Clea’s unwavering determination sets her apart as a formidable sorceress.

Yet, beneath her stoic exterior, Clea harbors a vulnerability that makes her all the more relatable. She wrestles with the shadows of her past, haunted by the echoes of her demonic lineage. This inner conflict adds depth to her character, as she strives to define herself separate from the darkness that once entangled her family.

In the tapestry of Marvel’s mystical realm, Clea stands as a shining example of strength, resilience, and unwavering loyalty. Her journey is one of self-discovery, as she weaves together the threads of her complex heritage with her own indomitable spirit. With each spell cast and each challenge overcome, Clea’s captivating personality unfolds, captivating readers with her grace, determination, and the promise of a brighter future for the realms she protects.


Attributes & Abilities

Height5′ 8″
Weight86 kg
UniverseMarvel Universe (Earth-616)
Other AliasesNone
EducationExtensive studies of sorcery under Doctor Strange
Place of OriginThe Dark Dimension
IdentityNo dual identity
Known RelativesDr. Stephen Strange (husband)
Umar (mother)
Orini (father)
Dormammu (uncle)
Olnar (grandfather, deceased)
Sinifer (grandmother)
Victor Strange (brother-in-law, deceased)
G’uran (ancestor)
Oka’an (ancestor)
PowersSuperhuman strength
Superhuman stamina
Superhuman durability
Mastery of magic
Group AffiliationThe Defenders

Clea, the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, is a formidable force of mystical might, wielding an array of extraordinary abilities that dazzle the senses and defy the laws of nature. With a lineage rooted in the ancient Faltine race, she commands the very essence of magic itself, harnessing its raw power to shape reality to her will.

As a master of the mystic arts, Clea possesses unparalleled control over the forces of magic. With a mere thought, she can transmute matter, reshaping the world around her with breathtaking ease. Her mystical bolts crackle with intense energy, capable of striking her foes with concussive force that reverberates through the cosmos. She conjures creatures of pure magic, bringing them to life to aid her in battle and protect the realms she holds dear.

Teleportation is but a flick of her wrist, allowing her to traverse dimensions and appear in any corner of existence in an instant. Through her telekinesis, she manipulates objects with the lightest touch, sending them hurtling towards her enemies with deadly precision. Clea’s mastery of illusion is unmatched, weaving intricate spells that deceive the senses and bend reality itself.

Drawing upon the wellspring of knowledge imparted by her mentor, Doctor Strange, Clea possesses an encyclopedic understanding of magical lore. She delves into ancient tomes, unraveling the secrets of forgotten spells and incantations. Armed with this wisdom, she recites spells with a mesmerizing cadence, invoking the powers of otherworldly entities and tapping into dimensions beyond human comprehension.

In addition to her mystical prowess, Clea is no stranger to physical combat. Trained by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, she wields both spell and fist with equal skill. Her movements are fluid and precise, blending the grace of a dancer with the deadly precision of a martial artist. Clea’s fighting style is a harmonious symphony of mysticism and martial prowess, making her a force to be reckoned with in both the ethereal and physical realms.

With an unknown age, Clea has centuries of experience at her disposal, yet she retains the youthful vitality of a woman in her prime. Her very existence is a testament to her resilience and the boundless potential of her magical lineage. With the Flames of Regency at her command, Clea ascends to the pinnacle of her power, rivalling even her formidable mother, Umar, in sheer raw might.

Clea, the Sorceress Supreme, stands as a beacon of mystical prowess, her abilities spanning the vast tapestry of magic itself. With a flick of her wrist and a whispered incantation, she shapes reality, battles cosmic threats, and protects the realms from the encroaching darkness. Her mastery of the arcane arts and her unwavering dedication to preserving balance make her an indomitable force in the Marvel Universe, a guardian of the realms whose power and presence inspire awe and admiration.



Despite her formidable powers and indomitable spirit, Clea, the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, is not without her vulnerabilities. Like all beings, she possesses weaknesses that even her mastery of magic cannot fully overcome. These limitations serve to remind her of the delicate balance between power and vulnerability.

First and foremost, Clea’s connection to the Dark Dimension can be both a source of strength and a potential weakness. While she draws upon its mystical energy to fuel her spells and shape her reality-warping abilities, it also makes her susceptible to the whims and machinations of the Dark Dimension itself. Malevolent entities and dark forces within this realm can exploit her ties to exert influence over her, tempting her with promises of greater power or manipulating her emotions to bend her to their will.

Clea’s unwavering dedication to her loved ones and her sense of responsibility can be both a strength and a vulnerability. Her deep affection for Doctor Strange and her unwavering commitment to protecting the realms can sometimes cloud her judgment. This emotional attachment can be exploited by adversaries who seek to manipulate her or turn her against her allies. The weight of her responsibilities as Sorceress Supreme can also place immense pressure on her, potentially affecting her decision-making or leaving her emotionally vulnerable.

As a sorceress, Clea’s powers are intricately tied to her ability to access and channel magic. If she finds herself in an environment or situation where magic is suppressed or nullified, her powers become significantly diminished. This vulnerability leaves her more reliant on her physical abilities and exposes her to adversaries who excel in non-magical combat or possess technology that can neutralize her magical abilities.

Clea’s lineage and association with the Faltine race also pose a unique weakness. Being a descendant of these energy beings grants her incredible power, but it also makes her vulnerable to attacks or disruptions targeting her Faltinian heritage. Adversaries who possess knowledge of her lineage or the ability to manipulate energy at a fundamental level could exploit this weakness, threatening her with debilitating attacks or attempts to sever her connection to her mystical ancestry.

Lastly, like all beings, Clea is not invulnerable. Despite her mastery of magic and her exceptional physical prowess, she can still be physically harmed or incapacitated by powerful forces or attacks. In battles against adversaries of immense strength or those with cosmic-level abilities, Clea must exercise caution and strategize wisely to protect herself from overwhelming physical force.

Clea’s weaknesses serve as reminders of her humanity and the inherent risks she faces as a guardian of the realms. They also highlight the importance of her resourcefulness, adaptability, and the strength of her allies. In the face of these vulnerabilities, she must rely on her cunning, her magical expertise, and her unwavering determination to overcome the challenges that threaten her and the realms she holds dear.



In the hallowed pages of Strange Tales #126, published in August 1964, a mesmerizing tale unfurled, forever altering the course of mystic history. It was within this story arc that the formidable Doctor Strange clashed with Dormammu, a malevolent force from beyond the veil of reality. Amidst the chaos and arcane battles, a captivating figure emerged, initially known only as the “captive female” or the “mysterious silver-haired girl.” Her true identity remained shrouded in enigma, her name a secret yet to be unveiled. Little did readers know that they were about to witness the birth of a sorceress who would transcend the realms of magic itself.

As the narrative threads unfolded, Clea, as she would eventually be known, proved to be more than a mere pawn in the cosmic game between Strange and Dormammu. Her connection to the tyrant was unveiled—a familial bond as the daughter of Orini, Dormammu’s closest disciple, and Umar, Dormammu’s own sister. The revelation of Clea’s lineage shed light on her unparalleled potential and the immense power coursing through her veins.

Through subsequent issues, Clea’s journey took unexpected turns, intertwining her fate with the twisted machinations of Dormammu and his sister, Umar. The narrative veered into uncharted territory as Umar, seeking to inflict pain upon Strange, targeted Clea, echoing her brother’s tactics. The truth of their shared bloodline, once veiled in ambiguity, was laid bare—a revelation that forever altered Clea’s path and solidified her role as a key player in the realms of magic.

Years later, in 2004, Clea reemerged within the pages of the Witches series, standing alongside other formidable sorceresses. Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz joined forces with Clea as they confronted mystical threats, weaving spells and battling dark forces that threatened to unravel the very fabric of existence itself.

Renowned writer Brian Michael Bendis provided further insight into Clea’s intricate persona. Described as the “mistress of the Dark Dimension” and Doctor Strange’s ex-girlfriend and wife, Clea’s origin story became entwined with Strange’s own. Trained under the watchful eye of Strange himself, Clea grew to become his prized pupil, comparable to his own relationship with the venerable Ancient One. Yet, as the Mistress of the Dark Dimension, Clea found herself torn between her responsibilities to protect the realms and the longing for acceptance in a world that often failed to take her seriously.

The landscape of Clea’s story evolved once more following the monumental “Death of Doctor Strange” event in 2021. Stepping into the spotlight, Clea embraced her destiny as the official Sorcerer Supreme, assuming the mantle in her own thrilling solo series aptly titled “Strange.” Penned by the talented Jed MacKay, this enthralling narrative delved into the depths of Clea’s newfound power and the challenges she faced as she safeguarded the mystical realms.

From her captivating debut in Strange Tales #126 to her current role as the Sorcerer Supreme, Clea’s journey has epitomized the essence of magic, mystery, and the boundless potential of the Marvel Universe. Her tale continues to captivate readers, inviting them to embark on a spellbinding adventure that transcends the boundaries of reality and immerses them in a realm where sorcery reigns supreme.



In the mystical tapestry of the Marvel Universe, there exists a figure whose journey traverses dimensions and challenges the very fabric of reality itself. This is the tale of Clea, a sorceress whose path intertwined with that of Doctor Strange, forever altering the course of their lives and the fate of countless realms.

Clea’s extraordinary odyssey began in the Dark Dimension, a realm teeming with ancient powers and treacherous forces. Observing Doctor Strange’s audacious courage from the shadows, Clea sensed a kindred spirit—a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness. Fearing for his safety, she warned Strange against facing the malevolent Dormammu, an act of defiance that earned her the wrath of the otherworldly tyrant. Clea paid a steep price for her betrayal, as Dormammu held her captive, a pawn in his wicked game.

Yet fate had other plans for Clea. The benevolent Ancient One, mentor to Doctor Strange, recognized her potential and intervened. He sent Clea into a hidden pocket dimension, shielding her from the clutches of Dormammu’s sister, Umar. It was within this sanctuary that Clea’s dormant powers began to blossom, nurtured by the Ancient One’s guidance. Her liberation came at the hands of Doctor Strange himself, a fateful encounter that forever altered the course of both their lives.

Embracing her newfound freedom, Clea made her way to Earth, finding solace and purpose alongside Doctor Strange. She became his staunchest ally and confidante, delving deeper into the secrets of sorcery under his tutelage. However, the forces of darkness were relentless in their pursuit of Clea. The malevolent Silver Dagger captured her, posing a grave threat to her existence. In a stunning twist of fate, Doctor Strange’s spirit merged with Clea, their symbiotic bond enabling them to vanquish their shared enemy.

But the perils did not end there. Umar, Clea’s own mother and a formidable sorceress in her own right, unleashed her wrath upon Earth. Clea stood defiant, her indomitable will pitted against her mother’s malevolence. In a cataclysmic clash of mystic energies, Clea battled Umar, an awe-inspiring spectacle that shook the very foundations of reality.

Clea’s journey of self-discovery continued to unfold, revealing shocking truths and unveiling the depths of her power. She braved the perilous realm of the Dark Dimension once more, leading a rebellion against Dormammu’s oppressive rule. In a climactic showdown, Clea confronted her own mother, Umar, in a battle of epic proportions. The fate of the Dark Dimension hung in the balance as Clea’s resolve and mastery of magic shone forth. Empowered by the Flames of Regency, Clea banished Umar and her father, Orini, securing her place as the ruler of the realm she had once worshipped.

But Clea’s story was not merely one of triumph. Love and loss intertwined as she and Doctor Strange exchanged vows, uniting their destinies according to the laws of the Dark Dimension. Their bond was tested time and again, as cosmic forces threatened to tear them apart. In a desperate bid to regain his throne, Dormammu resurfaced, holding Clea hostage to lure Doctor Strange into his clutches. But love proved a powerful force, as Strange and Clea defied Dormammu’s schemes, facing impossible odds to emerge triumphant.

Clea’s journey would take her to the brink of despair, as she discovered betrayal within her own ranks. Dormammu, disguised as the Faltinean Flyx, deceived her and absorbed the powers of Umar and Baron Mordo. Clea found herself at the forefront of a resistance movement, leading a courageous fight against her former ally turned malevolent conqueror.

In the aftermath of these harrowing events, Clea’s path intersected with the illustrious group known as the Defenders. Seeking refuge in Odin’s hall, she embarked on a perilous quest alongside Valkyrie and Annabelle Riggs, journeying across realms to restore life and safeguard existence itself.

The climax of Clea’s narrative unfolded during the cataclysmic “Death of Doctor Strange” event. Plunged into a world on the brink of inter-dimensional war, she witnessed the arrival of the enigmatic Three Mothers, ancient beings of unimaginable power. As Doctor Strange met his tragic demise, Clea stood as his temporal remnant caught her fall from a portal in the sky. Aware of the impending threat, she united with Wong to face the Three Mothers head-on, their battle shaking the very foundations of reality. In a stunning twist of fate, Clea emerged as the inheritor of the Sorcerer Supreme title, her destiny intertwined with the mantle she now bore.

Yet, as Clea embarked on this new chapter of her existence, a formidable figure emerged—Doctor Doom. His curiosity piqued by Clea’s unorthodox ascension, Doom demanded answers. But Clea, resolute and steadfast, refused to divulge the secrets that led to her transformative journey. Against the advice of Wong, she embarked on a perilous quest to resurrect Doctor Strange, a path fraught with unforeseen consequences and unimaginable risks.

Clea’s story is one of unparalleled courage, sacrifice, and an unwavering determination to protect the realms of magic from those who would seek to unravel the very fabric of existence. From her humble beginnings in the Dark Dimension to her ascension as Sorcerer Supreme, Clea’s path has been one of hardship, triumph, and the unyielding pursuit of truth. As she steps into the forefront of mystical battles and cosmic conflicts, Clea’s indomitable spirit and mastery of magic shine forth, a beacon of hope amidst the chaos and darkness that lurk in the shadows.



Clea, the enigmatic sorceress of Marvel Comics, has captivated both readers and critics alike with her intriguing presence and formidable magical abilities. Her remarkable impact on the comic book landscape has been recognized and celebrated, earning her a place among the most powerful and iconic characters within the Marvel Universe.

In 2019, bestowed Clea with a prominent position, ranking her 12th in their prestigious “21 Most Powerful Sorcerer Supreme Candidates” list. This recognition showcased Clea’s immense magical prowess and solidified her standing as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The following year, Scary Mommy acknowledged Clea’s heroic nature, featuring her in their definitive compilation of “195+ Marvel Female Characters Are Truly Heroic.” Clea’s inclusion in this esteemed list emphasized her status as a strong, independent, and inspiring female character, resonating with readers who admired her unwavering determination and courage.

In 2021, Looper showcased Clea’s enduring popularity and influence by including her in their highly regarded “Marvel’s Most Powerful Magic Users” list. This acknowledgment celebrated her as one of the most formidable practitioners of magic within the Marvel Universe, cementing her status as a formidable sorceress and an integral part of the mystical tapestry.

The year 2022 witnessed Clea’s continued rise in prominence. Screen Rant recognized her exceptional abilities, listing her among the “15 Most Powerful Marvel Magic Users (Who Aren’t Doctor Strange).” This accolade affirmed Clea’s unique magical prowess, highlighting her as a standout character within the realm of sorcery and enchantment. further solidified Clea’s position as a significant and influential character in the Marvel Universe. They ranked her an impressive 3rd in their authoritative “10 Best Sorcerer Supremes” list, underscoring her immense power and the impact she has had as a guardian of mystical forces. Additionally, Clea was recognized in’s “10 Important Steve Ditko Creations For Marvel Besides Spider-Man” list, paying homage to her enduring legacy as one of Ditko’s most notable and beloved creations.

Clea’s literary achievements have also garnered widespread acclaim. In 2022, her comic book series, “Strange,” made a resounding impact in the industry. The first issue soared to great heights, becoming the 7th best-selling comic book in March, as reported by Diamond Comic Distributors. Critics and readers alike lauded the debut, recognizing its exceptional storytelling and compelling characterization.

Bishop V Navarro of WomenWriteAboutComics praised “Strange #1,” hailing it as an “excellent start to a highly-promising title.” Clea’s compelling nature and complex personality resonated with readers, as her near-arrogance and resolute determination to shut down even Doctor Doom left an indelible mark. Clea’s profound introspection and poignant exploration of grief added depth and emotional resonance to the narrative, making her a standout character in the Marvel pantheon.

Hannah Rose of commended the mature and thought-provoking approach to themes of death and acceptance in “Strange #1.” Amidst explosive action and magical spectacle, the issue delved into the depths of loss, offering a nuanced exploration of grief and the power of love. The dark and brooding tone, coupled with Clea’s unwavering resolve, created a compelling narrative that left readers eager for more.

Spencer Perry of gave “Strange #1” a glowing review, awarding it a grade of 4 out of 5. The creative team’s fresh and unexpected approach injected a sense of unpredictability and excitement into the narrative, showcasing the limitless possibilities of the Marvel Universe. The issue’s ability to seamlessly integrate the events of the “Death of Doctor Strange” storyline while providing ample context for new readers was highly praised, ensuring a captivating and accessible experience for all.

Darby Harn of Screen Rant recognized the significance of Clea’s comic book series in their comprehensive list of “10 Best Clea Comics To Read After Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.” Clea’s ascension as the Sorcerer Supreme and her navigation of a strange new world showcased her growth and potential for future development in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Clea’s reception among readers and critics alike has been nothing short of exceptional. From her powerful magical abilities and captivating presence to her intricate characterization and enduring legacy, Clea continues to enchant and inspire readers across the globe. As she forges ahead on her mystical odyssey, Clea’s place in the Marvel Universe remains as vibrant and significant as ever, ensuring her continued prominence as a beloved and iconic character.



Clea, the captivating sorceress of Marvel Comics, possesses a plethora of incredible abilities and mystic talents that make her a formidable force to be reckoned with. Here are 30 fascinating pieces of trivia that shed light on Clea’s extraordinary powers and enchanting presence:

  • She is a Faltine-Hybrid, born of both Faltine and Dark Dimensional mortal lineage, which grants her enhanced attributes and extraordinary abilities.
  • Her superhuman durability allows her to withstand immense physical impacts, extreme temperatures, and even powerful energy blasts without sustaining any harm.
  • She possesses the ability of flight, effortlessly soaring through the skies at incredible speeds. She can also levitate herself while meditating or casting spells.
  • One of her remarkable qualities is her immunity to magic negation. She can draw power from either Earth’s magical fields or the Dark Dimension, rendering spells like “Sands of Nisanti” ineffective against her.
  • Having trained under Doctor Strange, she has become an immensely powerful sorceress in her own right, eventually assuming the mantle of Sorceress Supreme of both the Dark Dimension and Earth.
  • She can harness magical energy to project potent energy bolts, utilizing them as formidable weapons in battle.
  • Her mastery of magic allows her to conjure powerful energy shields, providing protection against physical and magical attacks for herself and her allies.
  • With her telepathic abilities, she can establish a unique mental connection with Doctor Strange, allowing them to communicate telepathically and share a profound understanding.
  • She can also utilize thoughtcasting, enabling her to implant telepathic suggestions, manipulate memories, and discern if someone is lying.
  • The sorceress possesses the power of teleportation, effortlessly transporting herself and others across various locations and even different dimensions.
  • She can conjure portals, creating doorways between different places or dimensions for ease of travel. She cleverly utilizes this power in combat, strategically trapping and disarming her opponents.
  • Her immense magical potential extends to the creation and granting of life. Clea effortlessly created Ardina, a female counterpart to the Silver Surfer.
  • Using her powers of molecular rearrangement, Clea can alter the structure of molecules. She has used this ability to modify her clothing as needed.
  • She wields the power of transmutation, capable of transforming beings into different forms. She once turned Blasphemy Cartel agents into snakes, rendering them unable to communicate but fully conscious.
  • Through her telekinesis, she can levitate and manipulate objects with her mind. She has demonstrated precise control over telekinetic forces, even stopping bullets in mid-air.
  • Her connection with the earth allows her to manipulate the ground, creating gripping hand-shaped rocks or even altering the terrain to her advantage.
  • Utilizing her scrying abilities, she can cast a mystic sphere to scry events or project images, allowing her to share vital information with others.
  • Anyone who dares to vex Clea may find themselves banished to the ominous Dark Dimension, facing the consequences of their actions.
  • She possesses a degree of mastery over necromancy, summoning spirits and demons to do her bidding.
  • She once conjured a spirit to track the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation, displaying her adeptness at tracking using spiritual means.
  • She has knowledge of demon soul binding, a practice she claims her people had mastered. She once bound a demon used by the Blasphemy Cartel to her soul, later releasing it strategically during battle.
  • Through her vast magical repertoire, Clea can cast a wide range of spells, utilizing incantations and mystical phrases to invoke their effects.
  • The Flames of Faltine are innately within Clea’s control, amplifying her already formidable magical abilities to even greater heights.
  • She has employed a spell called the Smoke Detector, enabling her to detect and locate the manipulation of necromantic energy across the globe.
  • When faced with formidable foes, she can conjure the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, powerful binding spells capable of restraining even the most formidable adversaries.
  • The Images of Ikonn spell allows Clea to create multiple illusions of herself, confusing and confounding her enemies in battle.
  • She once employed the Stymphalian Hurricane spell to redirect bullets fired at her, reflecting them back at her assailants.
  • She unleashed Dire’s Scourging Ray, a devastating mystical energy projection that disintegrated an agent of the Blasphemy Cartel instantly.
  • Employing Sarnio’s Storm of Swords, she conjured mystical energy constructs in the shape of swords to engage the revenant Thunderstrike in combat.
  • She harnessed the Stone Prison of Umar, a spell inherited from her mother, to transform Blasphemy Cartel agents into immobile stone statues, rendering them completely helpless.
  • Balthor’s Battering Ram spell, utilized by Clea, allows her to forcefully break through locked doors with mystical might.
  • Employing the Burning Compass of Cyndrion, Clea can track individuals across vast distances, ensuring her ability to locate her targets.
  • She wields the Spines of Sal-Gotah, a spell used to physically restrain and immobilize her adversaries.
  • When the situation called for it, Clea invoked the Citadel of Cyriont, erecting a mystical barrier in the form of a formidable building to shield Doctor Strange from the relentless assault of a revenant Goliath.
  • She attempted to cast the Talons of Tarkhiz spell against the revenant Shadow Knight but was interrupted before its effects could be fully realized.
  • The resourceful sorceress, faced with the challenge of exorcising revenant spirits, created a new and potent exorcising spell during her battle with the revenant Shadow Knight.